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Designed to show a sporty look with elegance, this watch equipped with a stopwatch will allow you to precisely measure a given time interval.

A resistant and elegant multifunction watch thanks to its metal case and silicone strap.

1. Battery

My watch no longer works, my battery has died, where can i buy one?

You can get your battery replaced at the Workshop of your store.

What is the service life of my battery?

Under normal conditions of use, your battery will last for about 2 years. It depends largely on how you use it. Using the light and the alarm will use up the battery life more quickly.

2. Another question?

My watch is waterproof to 5 atm. what does this mean?

Your A400 watch is waterproof to a depth of 5ATM. This means that you can swim in a pool or the sea with your watch.

My strap is broken, how can i buy a new one?

You can buy a battery at the Workshop of your store.

4. Troubleshooting

Here you will find the A400 watch troubleshooting sheet.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the following section (5. I REPAIR) the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Precision : The A400 watch is fitted with a mineral crystal.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet. (to come up)

5. Repair

The following repairs can be carried out on this product :

Changing the battery

Replacing the battery requires specific tools. You can visit a Decathlon workshop for any additional advice.
The battery being an SR920SW

Scratch on the glass

If you have any scratches on your watch, you can use the Polywatch and make them go away.

Bracelet change

Your watch is compatible with the vast majority of piston bracelets that you can find on the market. The width of the bracelet is 20mm.

End of product life

If your product cannot be repaired, return it to a WEEE collection point or any DECATHLON store to optimize recycling.


6. Spare parts

Here is the list of spare parts available for the A400:

-Watch strap :
20mm wide piston bracelet (commercially available)

-Battery :
Reference: SR920SW (commercially available)

DECATHLON does not have these spare parts, but they are commercially available and compatible with the A400 watch.

8. Used resale

Coming soon

9. User manual

Need the product manual? Click download.


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