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You should know that the environmental impact of a discarded tent is equal to more than 3,000 km by car. To reduce this impact, Decathlon is committed to ensuring that all tents can be repaired and will be in perfect condition once repaired!

On this page, we'll provide you with step-by-step support for repairing your tent depending on the problem you've encountered.

All our tents are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. Under guarantee, we take care of the repair and you can bring your tent straight to the workshop at your Decathlon store. Out of guarantee, or if your tent has been damaged by improper handling, it can be repaired very easily by you (or at the workshop for a charge).

Repair an inflatable pole

To change your pole, simply identify the pole in the following diagram, order the piece online or in your workshop and follow the various steps on the video.

The tent pole can be:

- in fibre or aluminium. In this case, it is made up of pole sections and ferrules connected together thanks to a shock cord.

- an inflatable air beam. In this case, it is made up of a tube and a valve.

1/ Diagram of your tent


3/ Repair video

How to change a pole/inflatable beam?

Repair my double flysheet & my bedroom

1/ Spare part

The flysheet of a tent is the visible outer part (sometimes also called the"tent canvas"). The room is the part inside the tent where you set up your mattress.
To replace it, simply follow the steps shown in the following video and get the spare part in store or on the internet.

OUR TIP: Remember you can call your store to order parts in advance, and avoid having to make several trips.

how to repair a tent canvas

Tip: adhesive can be used to repair tears in outer canvases (flysheet). Depending on the quality of the product used, this repair can last the whole life of the tent.~Important: it is advisable to stick the repair tape to the inside of the flysheet for better adhesion.

2/ Repair videos

You can easily change the flysheet on your tent. Here is a video showing you the repair of an Air Second tent.The principle is the same for all tents.

How to change a flysheet?


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