Analyse your progress and regularity month by month


We have developed a statistics page where you can:

Track your cumulated distance, practice times and calories burnt

Analyse your progression and regularity month by month

Track your cumulated values

The main aim of the cumulated values is to make you proud and motivate you to go further. You will see that the figures increase significantly after several months, even if you only workout occasionally. By default, the cumulated values since your registration are shown, but you can choose to see them for each year of sports activity in Decathlon Coach.

Analyse your progress and your regularity

The progress graph shows the evolution of a parameter for each month of the year. By default, the graph displays the distance you covered for each month of the year in all your sports. You can choose other parameters:

average speed

workout time

the number of calories burnt

the number of ON points won

the cumulation of uphill slopes

the cumulation of downhill slopes

You can then choose to only see these statistics for selected sports. To do so, untick the sports you don't want to see.

To see the detail of your distance (or another parameter) for each month of the year, hover over the point on the curve for the month concerned. A bubble appears with the value you are looking for.

Compare your statistics from year to year

On the graph, you can decide to superimpose the curves of different years of sport in Decathlon Coach. This is an effective way to see if you are more regular year after year.

The summary table below shows the cumulated values for each year at a glance. We are developing it so that the sports selection filter for the graph also changes the table. As a result, you will be able to separate values, for example, your cumulated cycling distance from your cumulated running distance.

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