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Year of commercialization: December 2019

Our design teams developed this exercise bike for occasional to regular users.

It was tested for an average of 5 hours of use per week.


12kg flywheel, leather pad for resistance, and chain drive.

Seat and handlebar adjust to multiple positions.

Steel frame (43kg weight) and stabilizing pads for uneven ground.

Move it at your convenience thanks to its front castors.


Assembling and setting up

Il prend soin de vous, alors pourquoi pas vous ? Parce qu’un entretien régulier est nécessaire pour préserver les performances de votre appareil et prolonger sa durée de vie, retrouvez ici tous nos conseils d’entretien.

BIKING100 Assembly video


My counter doesn't turn on

1. Behind the counter, check that the battery is in the correct +/- position. If the problem persists, start with a new battery.




Biking100 folded Counter
Faulty display of distance or speed

1-Check the position of the sensor. 

The distance between the sensor and the magnet on the bike’s front wheel should be 1 or 2 mm. 

2-Check in settings if your counter is in kilometres or miles.

See settings in your user guide.

There's a clicking noise with each turn of the pedals

Unscrew the pedals by one turn, then screw them back on very tightly.



My bike makes a noise

The screws are loose:

=> Tighten all visible screws.


Parts diagram



Biking100 Exploded view drawing

Not able to fix your problem or find the right answer? please contact one of our technicians.

Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so you should do the same for it. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.

Maintenance instructions 1. Wipe any perspiration off your product after each workout.

2. Clean with a soft cloth (dampen with water) after each use.

3. Regularly check the stability of your bike as well as the tightness of the screws according to the user guide.
Storage tips Do not leave in a damp place or outdoors.
Use restrictions For home use only. 

Maximum user weight: 130 kg.

Repairing your product

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Replacing cycle meter BIKING100

Replacing cover BIKING100

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Replacing saddle BIKING100

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Replacing brake BIKING100

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Replacing front pedal BIKING100

Replacing back pedal BIKING100

Replacing flywheel BIKING100

Replacing crankset bearings BIKING100

Replacing crankset axle BIKING100

Replacing flywheel axle and bearings BIKING100

Replacing plastic sleeve BIKING100

Replacing handlebar tape BIKING100


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Our commitments

Domyos guarantees this product under normal conditions of use for five years for the structure and two years for other parts and labour from the date of purchase shown on the receipt.