BM 450

REF: 6129743

BM 450


Year of commercialization: 2006

I have a problem

My bench is noisy

The screws are loose
           => Tighten all visible screws
Lack of lubricant
           => Lubricate the joints and the two weight guiding tubes with silicone spray

I'm having difficulties pulling the weights

Assembly problem
           => Check that the pulleys have not been over-tightened
          => Check that the cables haven't get out of the pulleys
          => Check that the cables have been mounted as per the assembly instructions

The cables are twisted

Assembly problem
           => Untwist the cables and lay them on the ground. Then re-assemble the cables without twisting them.

Missing or broken part

Look for the part number and click on 'NO’


BM 450

Manual and software

BM 450

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