BONISM B1 smart watch

REF: 8653982



First use

1. How to download the app?

1.1 Scan the QR code in the user manual to download app VeryFitPro.

1.2 Android users can search for “Veryfitpro” in Google Play Store and download.

1.3 IOS users can go to the App Store to search for “Veryfitpro” and download.

2. Which app version do i need to download? 

What are the requirements for compatibility with mobile phone systems?

2.1 For your better experience, please download the latest version of the APP VeryFitpro.

2.2 The mobile phone system requires Android 4.4 and above, or iOS 8.0 and above to install and use.

3. How to turn on the smart watch?

Use a magnetic charging cable, connect to USB charge port and charge for 1st time use, one end is connected to the USB interface, and the other end is plugged with the watch magnetic point to turn it on.

4. How to connect mobile phone and pair the watch?

4.1 Download and install app VeryfitPro, and turn on the phone's Bluetooth at the same time.

4.2 Light up the watch screen, bring the watch close to the phone, go into app, click “Device”, then “Pair the watch”, select and connect the Bluetooth name BONISM B1 that is found.

5. How to set the watch language and time?

5.1 Mobile phone settings: the watch will come with default phone language, if you change the language of the mobile phone system, the watch will come with same change simultaneously.

5.2 App settings: Enter app Veryfitpro, click “Device” - “More” - “Device language” and choose the language for the watch display.

5.3 Time setting: After the watch is bound and synchronized, the time sychronize and show the phone time.

6. How to charge the watch?

Use a magnetic charging cable to charge, one end is connected to the USB interface, and the other end is plugged with the watch magnetic point to charge. Under normal circumstances,

The watch can be fully charged within 2.5 hours.

7. Does the watch need to be fully used up before charging?

7.1 When the watch get put of power, the watch will automatically shut down and the data on the watch will lost.

7.2 If the watch get no power and does not charge for a long time, the watch may not be turned on when charging. It is recommended that users charge the watch in time when the battery is low.

8. How to check the remaining battery of the watch?

8.1 Light up the watch, you can check the remaining battery in the upper right corner of the watch.

8.2 Enter the APP, click on the app “Device” to check the battery level.

9. How to synchronize the mobile app with the watch?

Turn on the Bluetooth on the mobile phone and enter the app VeryFitpro to pair the watch, pull down the app homepage for 2 seconds and release the page, and the watch data will be automatically synchronized on the app.

10. How to setup and modify the personal information?

Enter the "User" interface in the mobile app VeryFitpro, open "Personal Info", and enter and revise the personal information on this interface.

11. How to use call alert?

11.1 After the watch is connected to the mobile phone APP normally, click to enter the “device” interface, turn on the "Call Alert", and turn on call alert and synchronize with the watch, setup the time for how many seconds the watch will alert after an incoming call, default is 3 seconds.

11.2 Turn on the "Notification access permission" of the mobile phone, VeryFitpro needs to be given the permission to read incoming calls, text messages, and contacts;

11.3 Keep Bluetooth ON on the mobile phone, Veryfitpro must run in the backstage.

11.4 When a phone call coming in, it will display the caller name and ID, meanwhile the watch vibrates. If there is no name stored in the phone address book, the phone number will be displayed directly. The watch supports hanging up, but does not support answering and making calls.

12. How to use sns message alert reminder?

12.1 Go into app Veryfitpro-- “Device”-- “SNS alert” --- turn on allow notifications - turn on social network apps you wish to receive message notifications (Calendar, email notification, SMS, Facebook, Wechat, QQ, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Skype, Kakao Talk, Vkontakte), with setup on this, you’ll receive the messages from these apps.


12.2 Whatsapp alert: When turn on wechat notification under SNS alert bar, wechat messages will display on the watch screen and vibrates. Same messages will display when you turn on SMS, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Skype, Kakao talk, Vkontakte. Please do not turn on Do Not Disturb mode when use this feature. At the same time, if devices such as computers and tablets have logged in to WeChat or above app lists, they need to log out.


12.3 Mobile phone settings: Please go into the phone settings notification management, allow and turn on Veryfitpro and facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Skype, Kakao talk, Vkontakte APP, allows these app information to be pushed to the mobile phone notification bar, and allows Veryfitpro to retrieve all these push information from the mobile phone notification bar, and then transmit it to the watch side via Bluetooth.  Also go into mobile application management or Power-saving management menu, settings allow VeryfitPro and all these apps to work in the backstage, and not being killed.


12.4 App settings: Turn on the notification list in the app and allow the watch to receive information. Do not set Do Not Disturb mode on the app.

13. How does the touchscreen work?

The watch is full touch screen. Click the right button of the watch to activate the screen, then slide left and right, or slide up and down to choose different menu and operation.

14. How can i see that i have attained my daily objective regarding the number of steps?

You can also set an objective in terms of the daily number of steps in order to measure your daily activities.

Once set in the APP, you simply start walking.  As soon as the objective is attained, you will receive an alert with a vibration and the a medal icon appears on the watch screen.

15. How to save a session?

When you have finished a session, save it by simply pressing the button on the side of the watch.

You will then be asked to save (YES) or return to the activity in order to continue (NO).

When you have selected YES, the watch will save a session.

16. What is the speed displayed during my activity?

The speed display during an activity is the speed in real-time. The speed displayed in the summary screens is the average speed of the activity.

17. Is the watch waterproof? can i take a bath with the watch?

The watch is waterproof and can be worn for bathing, but the water temperature needs to be controlled below 40 degrees. If too hot water bath, the water steam may go into the device and destroy the electronics parts inside.

18. How long is the working time of the watch?

Normal working time is generally 7-10 days.  The working time depending on the remaining battery on the watch, screen brightness and actual use factors (more call alert and message notifications might affect the working time of the watch), the working time might be slightly different due to different use ways.

19. What is the normal bluetooth connection range?

The effective connection distance of Bluetooth will be different on different mobile phone model.  If there is no partition wall and obstacle in the room, the normal Bluetooth connection will be within10 meters.  If obstacles, the Bluetooth connection distance will be narrow range.


1. Is the accuracy of personal information important?

1.1 Registered an account with personal email: You are allowed to synchronize data to the cloud with an registered account, even if you change your phone, the data will be remained and exported from same registered account..

1.2 Calories: The calorie algorithm is calculated based on personal height and weight information.  If it is not filled in correctly, it will affect the accuracy of calorie data. Please write in all personal information (height, weight, gender) correct.

2. The number of steps in “my day” seems low or not accurate. is it normal?

2.1 The step counting function only starts after 10 consecutive steps.  This is to exclude the short one-off movements you make during the day so that the only actual walking movements are measured. Moving your hand inside your pocket can also result in a low reading of the number of steps.

2.2 Please fill in the information of gender, age, height, and weight honestly and accurately. These inaccuracies will affect the calculation of the acceleration sensor algorithm, resulting in inaccurate step counting, incorrect distance data, and inaccurate calorie consumption. 

2.3. The pedometer data is obtained for data analysis of acceleration in three directions. It is necessary to ensure that the watch does not move in the wearing position (left, right, up and down) during exercise;

2.4 In addition, the user's arm swing posture, stride length, body shape, road surface flatness, uphill and downhill will also affect the step count;

2.5 If the body moves during sleep (possibility factors such as turning to the side during sleep, waking up in the middle and falling asleep), in the car or driving, such as uneven and bumpy roads, steps may be generated.

3. My heart rate seems not accurate?

The watch uses the photoelectric transmission measurement method to test the heart rate.  In principle, the sensor of the watch in contact with the skin emits a beam of light hitting the skin to measure the reflected/transmitted light.  Because blood absorbs light of a specific wavelength, every time the heart pumps blood, this wavelength is absorbed in a large amount, so that the heartbeat can be determined.  Because the heart rate detection uses "photoplethysmography PPG", the accuracy and consistency of the test need to consider different affect factors "gender, age, height, weight, weather, race/skin color and health status/maximum oxygen uptake VO2", so impurities such as wrist sweat, or skin is too dark (not able to absorb light well), different weather conditions and humidity level may affect the test results.

3.1 Incorrect wearing way will affect the measurement of heart rate signals, the watch should wear in a proper tightness and should not spin or move on your wrist.  

3.2 Correct measurement method: Lay your arm flat, relax and keep still, while ensuring that the watch is close to your arm. Note: When worn correctly, individual differences such as skin color, hair, tattoos and scars may also affect the heart rate signal.

3.3 The light-emitting position of the watch should be close to the skin (muscle) to ensure that there will be no significant position shift during exercise (tighten the strap slightly to achieve a comfortable tightness), if it is too loose during wearing Tightness will affect the test results (to avoid light leakage, skin epidermis position shift during light reflection, etc.)

3.4 The light-emitting position of the watch should not be close to the protruding bones (radius and ulna) on the wrist side, otherwise the watch cannot receive the red light reflected by the blood vessel correctly, which will affect the test result;

3.5 If you want to pursue a more accurate heart rate value, you can wear the watch to the arm position on the wrist;

4. What is the accuracy of bonism b1 watch?

The number of steps, distance and speed are calculated using an accelerometer (electronic component). The algorithms that we have developed attain an accuracy in the order of 95%. These algorithms are reliable for 80% of users. So, it is possible that you have an accuracy of less than 95%.  For fast walking (speed in the order of 7km/h or more), the algorithm is more accurate when the walker keeps their arms bent at right angles.

5. My sleep data seems not correct?

Sleep monitoring works by 3D sensors and heart rate sensors inside the watch. The sensor can detect the subtle movement of the human hand to determine whether the human body is in an active state or a quiet sleep state. During sleep, the user's hand movement frequency is recorded to analyze whether the user is in a deep sleep or light sleep state, so as to analyze and suggest the user's sleep quality.


5.1. First confirm whether you wear a watch to sleep, the APP will not generate sleep data if you sleep without wearing a watch;

5.2 The sleep data recorded by the watch starts to be recorded within 30 minutes of lying down (sleep is divided into 3 types: deep, light, and awake sleep), and the sleep ends when you sit up. Sleeping data will be affected if you get up and go back to sleep again.

5.3 The sleep data will be saved after sleep for more than 3 hours in the night.

6.Is it possible to use my bonism b1 watch with a training bike?

With training bike, the measurement of steps is very imprecise.

Software and application

1. Must i keep my phone and my watch connected at the same time?

No, you can disconnect your Bluetooth if you want.

To synchronize your data, just switch the Bluetooth back on and Open the VeryFitPro app.

Please synchronize the data at least 1 time within 7 days at least so the data will not lost.

2. How to update bonism b1?

The product can be updated using the VeryFitpro app. 

The app will ask you if you want to update the product if there is new firmware version available.  Launch the app VeryFitpro and tap “Device”, click “Firmware upgrade”, select “Update available”.  The transfer of the update file will start automatically. The file transfer time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. After the update has transferred to your watch, your watch will notify you that the update is ready. Press START to start the update.  Your watch will restart. Your sessions, your settings as well as your personal parameters will be kept.

3. How to feedback to manufacturer if the faq list could not help you or the problem not solved?

It is necessary to provide the user’s APP name, APP version, watch name, watch firmware version, problem phone model, phone system version, and collect log information. And when a problem occurs, the user's operation steps are easy to reproduce and analyze the problem.

Please report the problem in the following path of the APP if your problem could not solved by instruction of the FAQ list: go into APP VeryFitpro-->User-->System Settings-->Feedback-->Check Upload log, describe the problem, and fill in the contact Email-->Click Send, and contact customer service to inform you of the email information after sending. We will locate the problem based on your email information and inform you of further solutions.

4. Why can't i synchronize data with my phone?

4.1 The synchronization may fail due to abnormal data after a long period of use. Repeat the synchronization operation will help fix the issue..

4.2 If mobile phones have been used for a long time, the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone itself could be poor, and it takes a longer time to synchronize data. During the synchronization process, the Bluetooth signal of the mobile phone is cut off, resulting in synchronization failure.

5. Why after the app data sync only have calorie data after exercise, but not distance and speed data?

5.1. Please wait 5-10 minutes after synchronization. Sometimes data synchronization may be slow due to network problems;

5.2. Restart the phone, sometimes the GPS signal of the phone is not good, which may also cause this problem;

5.3. Need to uninstall and install the APP again, it may be APP BUG;

5.4. If the user initiates exercise from the watch, the distance data cannot be collected because the watch does not have a built-in GPS chip.

6. Why does the watch touch not work or jump screen?

6.1 It may be a software failure, it is recommended that customers upgrade to the latest firmware.

6.2 The screen body may be defective and needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

7. I have set up a call alert. why is there an incoming call and the watch does not vibrate to remind?

7.1 Confirm whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on and connected to the watch;

7.2 Bluetooth pairing must be allowed in iOS system settings.  For non-ios systems, please check whether the watch app is running.  If the app is killed by the lock screen and the backstage does not run, the watch cannot receive information;

8. Why is there a message for whatsapp, facebook and other social network apps, but the watch does not remind you?

8.1 Turn on the SNS alert, turn on whatsapp, facebook switch in the APP and synchronize it to the watch. Bluetooth pairing must be allowed in iOS system settings; the APP backstage process cannot be closed when the phone is in a dormant state and not in use;

8.2. Whatsapp and facebook cannot be used online at the same time on computers and mobile phones.  After whatsapp and facebook is set to "Do Not Disturb" mode, you will not be able to get reminders;

8.3. The watch shall always connected to the phone, and Bluetooth needs to be always on;

8.4 When the screen of some Android phones is locked, the mobile terminal will kill the app running in the backstage, causing the user not receive information normally. You need to allow the app to run in the backstage when setting the lock screen on the mobile terminal.

9. How to solve the bluetooth connection abnormal?

9.1 Confirm whether the watch is connected by other mobile phones, the icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the Bluetooth connected watch, and the dynamic icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the Bluetooth not connected.

9.2 If connected by other mobile phones, you need to unbind on the corresponding mobile phone or go out of the Bluetooth range before pairing.

9.3 When connecting to Bluetooth, make sure that the mobile phone and watch are within the effective range of Bluetooth (7m and cannot be blocked by obstacles);

9.4 Make sure the GPS of the mobile phone is ON and the Bluetooth function is ON.

9.5. Make sure to activate the watch screen when the mobile APP searches for Bluetooth devices. When the screen is on, the Bluetooth of the watch will send a broadcast signal for 30 seconds, and the watch will reconnect within 30 seconds.

9.6 Charge the watch in time when the battery level is low. The Bluetooth function will be turned off when the battery is below 10%.

9.7 Allow the app to run in the backstage in the mobile phone and ensure that the APP is not killed by the mobile phone system.

9.8 Check and make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

9.9 Turn off the anti-virus software installed on the phone to see if it can be resolved.

9.10 When there is a Bluetooth connection problem, restart the watch and mobile phone and try to connect again.

9.11 Confirm the connection of another mobile phone. If it can be connected, it may be a compatibility issue between the user's mobile phone and the APP.  Please feedback the log (including mobile phone model, mobile phone operating system version, watch firmware version, APP name and version information), factory will arrange the corresponding mobile phone test recurrence analysis and offer solution.

Log sending operation path: APP-->My-->System Settings-->Feedback-->Check upload log, describe the problem, fill in the contact email-->click Send (Access the form), and contact customer service to inform you the email information after sending. Manufacturer will locate the problem based on your email information and inform you of further solutions.

BONISM B1 smart watch

Cleaning and care

Please clean your product with water and soap to remove salt, perspiration, etc… as it may alterate the quality of strap.

IMPORTANT: Keep clear from danger. You should keep the device clear from:
- Magnet
- Solar exposure
- Chemicals
- Children


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the CW700 HR watch.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the following section (8. I REPAIR) the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

I repair my product

The following repairs can be carried out on this product:

Watch strap replacement.

The strap of your watch can be disassembled without tools by pulling the trigger on the pin of the strap.

To reassemble the bracelet, place the pin in the hole of the watch, pull the trigger then place the bracelet between the two lugs of the watch. Release the trigger and move the bracelet slightly to make sure the trigger is secure.

BONISM B1 smart watch

Spare parts

Here is the spare parts list for the CW700 HR:

- USB charging cable.
Reference: 8769779
Reference : 8733086

- Strap.
References: 8733085 (black)
References: 8733083 (pink)

You can order spare parts on our Decathlon web site (depending on availability) by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales team at your usual DECATHLON store.

BONISM B1 smart watch
BONISM B1 smart watch

Usb charging cable

Reference : 8769779


Usb charging cable

Reference : 8733086
Link to another cable, if the first one is out of order
of stock.


Black strap

References : 8733085


Pink strap

Reference : 8733083

Workshop services

You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops:

Déclaration of conformity

  • Declaration of conformity of the product? Click download.


  • Need the product instructions? Click download.

BONISM B1 smart watch