Sécheur de gants de boxe avec ventilateur

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Quickly dry all types of boxing gloves after training.

At home or in your bag, the innovative design of our glove dryer (conical shape, ventilation fins and built-in fan) will keep your gloves dry!

Technical data

When should i use this product ?

Remember to dry your gloves after each training sessions.

It's true that "soaking" your gloves is the sign of a good training session. But on the other hand, it's never nice to put on gloves still damp from the day before. And when our gloves stay damp with sweat for too long, this encourages the development of odour-causing bacteria.
This is why is it important to dry your boxing gloves when you finish training, and thus extend their life.

How does the dryer work ?

Our glove air dryer means you can start drying your gloves as soon as you finish training. The conical shapes allow them to slip perfectly inside your gloves, and the ventilation fins and fan speed up drying by providing an influx of air to all parts of the glove.
Designed to work equally well in your sports bag, car, or at home. Thanks to the USB port that can be connected to a battery of a mains socket.

How to use ?

Slip on dryer per glove
Plug the USB cable of the dryer to the USB Y cable.
Plug the Y USB cable on an external power unit or a 5v adapter.

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Sécheur de gants de boxe avec ventilateur


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