Maintaining and repairing a trolley

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Do you own one of our camping trolleys or carts and have a question about its maintenance or repair?

We give you all the information you need to keep it for a long time!

First use

How do i set up my trolley?

To assemble your trolley, simply remove its cover and unfold it.
You can press the bottom of the trolley to make sure it is unfolded.

Depending on your trolley, there may be safety devices on the front wheels (like on a pushchair). Don't forget to remove them so you can move it.

Maintaining and repairing a camping trolley

What is the maximum load i can put in the trolley?

Do you have an all-road trolley? The maximum load capacity of the trolley is 60 kg.

For other types of trolleys, it is 50 kg.

Can my trolley go on any terrain?

Do you have an all-road trolley? In this case, the wheels of the trolley are designed so that you can use it on all possible terrains, including the seaside on sand! The adventure is yours ;)

Do you have the camping transport trolley? We advise you to use it only on flat and hard floors (sand should be avoided as the wheels of this trolley are too thin).

In any case, be careful not to overload your trolley to protect the wheels.

Maintaining and repairing a camping trolley

Caring for your trolley


To wash your trolley, the simpler the better!
Water, sponge and soap :)

The fabric of the all road trolley is removable for your convenience. In any case, the washing machine should not be used.


It is best to store your transport trolley out of the rain and sun. It is not designed to be permanently placed outdoors.

Do you want to buy a cover to protect it from the rain? You can buy one on the Decathlon website!

Repairing the fabric

Do you have a tear on the fabric of your trolley? Has the fabric on your trolley torn?

To repair it, we advise you to use a patch or an adhesive to fill the hole. It is best to apply it to the inside of the fabric for optimum adhesion.

Give a second-life to your trolley

You don't use your trolley anymore and you don't know what to do with it?
Instead of throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand using the Decathlon Second-hand platform!