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Discover our fast, agile new single-speed city bike designed by urban cyclists! The fixie look with the utilitarian features of a city bike.

Our desire? To finally make accessible a good, agile, fast, single-speed city bike suitable for fixie use (flip-flop hub).

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First use

How to adjust the height of your saddle before your first ride

Make sure you adjust the saddle height correctly before going out for your first ride. Our advice: raise the saddle to your hip height and fasten the seat clamp collar with a size 6 Allen key (found on all multi-tools). If you want a more precise adjustment, you should be able to rest your foot on the pedal with your leg straight, then all you need to do is set off and ride ;)

Ensuring your tyres are at the right pressure

The recommended pressure is 6 bars, if you're looking for greater comfort, reduce the pressure to 5 bars. Want more performance? Increase it to 7 bars. Be careful, remember to check your tyres every 2 weeks.

Which mudguards are compatible 

It's nicer to ride without splashes!

Which child seat is compatible? 
Which lock is most compatible?
Which kickstand is compatible? 
Which lights are compatible? 

Caring for your town bike

Every 15 days: inflate your tyres

The recommended pressure is 6 bars, if you're looking for greater comfort, reduce the pressure to 5 bars. Want more performance? Increase it to 7 bars. Remember to inflate your tyres every 2 weeks.

Every 3 months: check the brakes

Brake pads don't last forever. Depending on how you ride, where you ride, and how much you weigh, your brakes will wear down slowly or quickly. This is why it's important to check them regularly and change them if necessary.  Also, are your brakes tight? If you have any questions, we highly recommend visiting a Decathlon workshop, where a bike technician can adjust your town bike's brakes to ensure they are in tip-top shape.

Check the tension of your chain

If your chain becomes loose, tighten it by tightening the two chain stays at the same time to keep the wheel straight.

Have a problem?

How to change your wheel if you puncture the tyre

If it's the rear wheel:

- remove the chain from the guard

- loosen the wheel nuts

- remove the wheel to change the tyre and inner tube, when putting the wheel back remember to re-tension the chain leaving 1cm of flex (test this by pulling on the chain).

Instructions - speed 500 bike

You can find spare parts for your speed 500 in the workshop and on the decathlon website.  


Haven't been able to fix your problem or find what you need?

Please contact one of our technicians who will be happy to help