Compare 2 session to track your progress


Analysis and statistics

Decathlon Coach features an exclusive function for comparing sessions. You can superimpose 2 sessions so you can see your progress since the last time, a month ago, 2 months ago, 2 years ago...


Comparison proposition

For each of your sessions, Decathlon Coach proposes the sessions that are the most similar in distance, time, average speed, location or calories burnt.This function is the dark grey area on your display.

When you have hundreds of sessions, you can use this function to easily find the most pertinent sessions for comparison.

You can change the criteria: distance, average speed, location and calories burnt. You can also ask Decathlon Coach to propose more sessions. 

Then click on the selected session and the comparative page is displayed.



Comparative page

On the comparative page, the session you were in is yellow. The session you selected by clicking on the proposed sessions is shown in blue. 

For each type of curve (speed, altitude, heart rate), the curves of the 2 sessions are superimposed. 

On the map, the course of the yellow session is displayed. When you hover over the curves, 2 points are displayed on the course.

The yellow point represents your position on the course during the yellow sessions. The blue point represents your virtual position at the same time during the blue session.This shows the difference between your last performance (in yellow) and the past performance (in blue). 

To see the projection on the blue session course, click on the button "Reverse the comparison". 




You can use this function by creating a reference session at regular intervals. You can name the sessions to make them easy to find, for example: "Reference August 2014", "Reference January 2014". Perform them under similar conditions with a similar attitude. You will be able to see how you have progressed: heart rate curve lower or speed curve higher for similar exertion.

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