The domyos warranty

If you've purchased or are thinking about purchasing a Domyos fitness device and are wondering about your product's warranty, this page will answer all your questions.

Got a question about the domyos warranty?

If you're wondering about your Domyos fitness device's warranty, you'll find the answer to your questions below.

How long does the domyos warranty last?

The legal warranty on Domyos fitness equipment is 2 years. 

Domyos also offers a 5-year commercial warranty on the frame.

The frame is deemed to be all of the metal parts that were welded together in the factory.

This set of parts constitutes your machine's structure.

The rest of the machine is composed of parts that can be replaced.

This warranty only applies to Domyos products (new or second-hand) bought at a Decathlon (excludes Trocathlon) or partner store.

Proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) may be required in order to make a claim under the warranty.

How do you make a domyos warranty claim in france?

If you have a question or a problem with your product, our support website and our technical teams are here to help ("FITNESS SUPPORT" button).

Once you're on the support website, simply select your product to access all the relevant content (FAQ, repair videos, maintenance tips, spare parts, etc.).

If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can ask to be put in touch with our local technical teams. 

We have technicians throughout France who will be happy to help you find a solution: 

- remote repairs

- sending you spare parts (mainland France + Corsica only)

- home repairs (mainland France only) if necessary, depending on the problem you've encountered.

This warranty only applies to Domyos products (new or second-hand) bought at a Decathlon (excludes Trocathlon) or partner store. Proof of purchase must be shown.

Support process

How does it work if you're not in france?

The warranty policy and support procedure can vary locally.

If your country of residence isn't shown in the list on the support website's home page, or if the product isn't available, please contact your nearest Decathlon store. 

The local team will then be able to tell you what to do.

Support website
What isn't covered by the warranty?

The Domyos warranty doesn't cover:

          - normal wear of the parts (e.g. protective foam)

          - non-domestic use of the products (e.g. community groups, gyms, clubs, etc.) except for products for semi-professional use

          - incorrect assembly (that doesn't comply with the instructions provided with the product)

          - non-compliance with the instructions for use and safety instructions provided with the product (e.g. outdoor use)

          - non-compliance with the storage instructions (do not store outside or in a place with strong temperature variations and/or a damp place such as a conservatory or garage)

          - lack of maintenance (e.g. regularly tightening the screws, cleaning the product after use)

          - the use of aggressive products (e.g. detergents) when cleaning the product

          - scratches, rust and discolouration

          - impacts, drops and generally any damage unrelated to the product's quality.

DOMYOS reserves the right to check whether all of the warranty conditions have been met (in particular, by requesting photos / videos of the defective parts) and to take every necessary measure to carry out these checks.

How long will the spare parts for your domyos fitness device be available

Spare parts are available throughout the product's legal warranty period.

Since 2020, we have extended the availability of spare parts to 10 years from the end of the product's life.

However, it is possible that the original part won't be available. 

In this case, we'll find a compatible Domyos part that offers the same or better user benefits. 

What is the warranty extension?

You have the option to take out an additional 3-year warranty on your fitness machine.

This extension is available from Decathlon Insurance.

To activate your insurance or if you have any other questions, please click the link below

Who are we?

A team of fitness fans working to bring our users the best possible fitness experience.

We're based in France, but we're in constant contact with our technicians from all over the world. 

As part of the Domyos design team, we make every effort to improve our products based on your feedback.

Each day, we strive to bring you the most helpful information about assembling, looking after and repairing your Domyos products.