Looking after and repairing your skis

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Have you just bought a pair of skis and want some advice on looking after, repairing and/or storing them properly?
Get all the information you need to help you keep your equipment for longer.

Looking after and repairing your skis

Is there a problem with your pair of skis?

Our skis have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers. Our testers (mountain professionals) have carried out a battery of tests in the most demanding situations throughout the season to guarantee the technicality and resistance of our products.
However, it is possible that damage may occur during practice: damaged edges, hole in the sole, deteriorating topsheet, etc.
In itself, nothing too serious!
And choosing to repair your equipment instead of replacing it means choosing to extend its lifespan and taking action to lessen your impact on the environment.

Looking after and repairing your skis

Repairing your skis

Your skis and snowboards may be damaged during the winter season: ripped edges, holes in the sole, etc.
But don't panic, there are simple ways to avoid damaging your equipment and repair it properly!

If, however, after making your purchase, you notice a manufacturing fault in your skis, please return it to us so we can either exchange it, repair it free of charge or reimburse you.

Our workshop services

The workshops in our Decathlon stores can repair your skis; below you'll find some of the services they offer:
Note: not all our shops have workshops and so may be unable to repair the product locally. If this is the case, your product will be sent to a regional workshop which means it will take longer for you to get it back.