DROP 100

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DROP 100


The Drop 100 is a longboard with a drop through shape that makes it easier to carry. The deck is closer to the ground, lowering its centre of gravity for maximum stability.

Designed to make learning how to ride a longboard easier, it's ideal for little ones that want to have fun riding around town.

Technical details and maintenance:

Adjusting your longboard trucks

To adjust how a truck turns, you need to find your skateboard's kingpin. Tightening the kingpin with a T-tool will make your longboard more rigid. On the other hand, loosening it will make it more manoeuvrable.
But be careful not to overtighten the hanger as this could damage the surrounding bands.
If you loosen the kingpin too much, you may experience wheel bite. This is when the wheel touches the board while turning, causing it to instantly lock up.

adjusting drop longboard truck
Ensuring the wheels turn well

As with the trucks, use your T-tool to loosen the nut around the axle (at the end of the truck axle) to free the wheel from its nut. Be careful to only loosen it slightly so that the wheel can turn without coming off the truck.

replacing drop longboard wheels
Removing drop through longboard trucks

"Drop through" trucks are mounted to the top of the deck and pass through a pre-cut hole .
You cannot mount your trucks without disassembling them.

Start by loosening and removing the kingpin nut, then remove the top bushing washer (cone/roadside), the hanger, the bottom bushing (barrel/boardside) and its washer.
Be careful not to lose your pivot cup.

Put the base plate on top of your board so that the kingpin faces the mounting hole on the deck. Keep in mind: the kingpin goes outwards!

After attaching the two baseplates and bushings, you can reassemble your trucks. The order of parts from the base of the kingpin is: 

1 - baseplate
Tighten the baseplate onto the deck, this makes the following parts easier.
2 - washer
3 - lower bushing (boardside)
4 - hanger
5 - upper bushing (roadside)
6 - washer
7 - kingpin nut (pivot) that keeps everything in place.

Be sure to properly situate the hanger's pivot in the baseplate pivot cup.

Only tighten the lower bushing nut until there is no play in the hanger.You can gauge by leaving one or two screw threads visible.

Use your T-tool to tighten your screws until they don't move.

replacing longboard trucks
How we test our products

Before launching each product, we guarantee their quality and durability with lab tests. We also test their reliability by putting them in real situations via our Decathlon ambassadors around the world. Our ambassadors put our products to the test, allowing us to ensure the product is suited to its use. This close collaboration with our ambassadors during the development process is proof of their quality.