Duffel 100 travel bag – 50L & 100L: instructions, repairs

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This bag is large, versatile and comfortable to carry, making it the perfect bag for carrying all of your gear when you’re on the go.

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This information applies to all Duffel 100 travel bag models.

Some practical advice on how to use the trekking transport bag

How to adjust the trekking travel bag

It is very important to adjust the bag when it is on your back to ensure that it fits properly, ensures the best possible walking comfort and does not damage your back.
Use the straps to adjust the bag so that it remains close to your back and doesn't swing about irritatingly as you walk.

How to pack the trekking travel bag

In order to pack the trekking travel bag properly, you must take care to follow the recommendations below:
- Avoid placing fragile objects at the bottom of your bag because they may break when you put the bag down on the floor.
- Do not load hard objects in the part of the bag that touches your back, as this will make the pack uncomfortable to carry.

Duffel 100 travel bags have an internal mesh pocket. This pocket is useful for carrying and organising small objects.

Duffel 100 travel bag – 50L & 100L: instructions, repairs
What are the different carrying options of my travel bag?

By hand or on your back, the choice is yours!

Carrying your bag
What guarantees are there on my travel bag?

Decathlon backpacks are designed to be strong and durable and undergo extensive testing (components, seams and finished product) to ensure that they serve you for as long as possible.
We offer a 10-year guarantee on all our backpacks from the date on the receipt.

Washing the trekking travel bag

repairing the trekking travel bag by yourself

For each model, find all compatible spare parts and accessories to carry out the possible repairs.


See the technical specifications and find spare parts for your bag here.

Duffel 100 travel bag – 50L & 100L: instructions, repairs

See the technical specifications and find spare parts for your bag here.

Duffel 100 travel bag – 50L & 100L: instructions, repairs


If there is a small hole on the front or bottom of your bag, you can easily repair it by adding a patch or a piece of adhesive tape (rounded shape that is one or two cm longer than the hole). We advise you to apply it on the inside as well as the outside.
If the hole is bigger, go to a cobbler and take advantage of his expertise to give your backpack a second life.

Personalising my trekking travel bag

Would you like to make your backpack unique by customising it? Visit the workshop in your shop to take advantage of the existing services. Writing, embroidery, stickers… the choice is yours!

giving a second life to my trekking travel bag

Are you not using your backpack anymore and you don't know what to do with it? Instead of throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand using the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.