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TWS 100


Designed for runners and sports users who want complete freedom of movement (100% wireless).
A total freedom of movement with these 100% wireless earphones. Resting inside the ear canal, the sound quality is excellent.

Ecouteurs Kalenji TWS 100

Difficulty of use

I have music interuption during the listening

We have design high bluetooth reception on the TWS 100 to avoid mico cut during the music entertainment. Each product is tested to check the bluetooth connexion. If you still have some issue, check there are nothing which can block the signal. There is some smarphone cases which can create some perturbation. if your phone is in your pocket put the screen not against your body.  Your smartphone need to stay close to you 2 at 3 m.

First use

How to connect my earphone ?

To connect properly your smartphone and your TWS 100 earphone you need to follow the instruction below.

Check if the earphones were in the charging case and had been charged.
Remove the earphone from the charging case and put it in your ears. you will hear a sound in loop.
Go in the bluetooth parameter of your smartphone,put on the bluetooth. The device TWS 100 apear in the bluetooth selection . Select the TWS 100.
A message connected or apaired on your smartphone. Put some musique and enjoy the sound.

For the next use, you can only put the bluetooth of your smartphone on and the earphone will connect automatiquelly.

If you can't see the TWS 100 in the bluetooth selection, there are 2 possibility :
> the earphone are already connected to one of your device, please disconnect the bluetooth of all your devices
>The earphone are off(5 min out of the charging case without any connexion), put it on. To do that please put the earphone back to the charging case close the lead then you can remove the earphone, there are on.

How to well fit your earphone

We recommand to take some minute to try the 2 differente sizes of eartips. The size diffence is not obvious but can change the sound quality and the fitting.

Commands : sound level

Touch button :
- Long press on the right earphone (over 1 second) will increase the sound level
- Long press on the left earphone (over 1 second) will decrease the sound level
If you reach the maximum or minimum sound level you will hear a bip

Commands : call

Touch Button : 
- During a call a short press on the right or left earphone will hang up or answer to the call.
- 2 short press on the right or left earphone will ignore the call

Commands : music

Touch Button: 
- In music mode, 1 short press on the right or left earphone will play/pause the music
- 2 short press on the right earphone will play the next song and 2 short press on the left earphone will play the previous song


An other question ?

How do i connect my headphones on a daily basis?

Once your headphones and your phone are paired with each other, just check that bluetooth is activated on your phone. The small bluetooth icon should be visible on the status bar at the very top of the phone screen.
Then take your headphones out of the charging box, the headphones will connect almost instantly.
If the light stays blue, it means the earbuds couldn't connect to the phone. In this case, go to the bluetooth menu of your phone and click on TWS 100 in the list of nearby devices.

Ecouteurs Kalenji TWS 100

I maintain

How do i care for my headphones?

I maintain my headphones, I remove the dome and I remove the dirt inside. I clean the earphone charging pins with a soft cloth.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the Earphones Kalenji TWS 100.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

I repair

Repairs require special skills. You will find the list of spare parts below.
If your product cannot be repaired, take it to a WEEE collection point or to any DECATHLON store to optimize its recycling.

Spare parts

Below the spares parts available for the TWS 100 :
For products listed as "coming soon", you can contact our technical support with the form at the bottom of the page so that we can find a solution with you.

Workshop services

You wish to entrust us with your product to have it repaired. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops:

No workshop service for the Earphones Kalenji TWS 100.

Used resale

Using the troubleshooting sheet in the "Troubleshooting" section, you can pre-check your product.
Once your product has been checked by our teams, you have the possibility of offering it for second-hand resale and thus participate in the recirculation of your old products.

For more information on the DECATHLON Occasion service, click on the button below.

Declaration of conformity

  • Need declaration of conformity of the product? Click download.


  • Need the product manual? Click download.

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