EL 100

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EL 100


In stores: 2017


Designed for keeping fit and slimming down (occasional use).

A cross trainer is ideal for easing back into sport and slimming down. It is a complete, zero-impact activity. You can increase your ENDURANCE and TONE UP your entire body



SMOOTH PEDALLING: 3 kg flywheel

COACHING: Console with four functions: calories, time, distance, speed

EL 100

Composition / advice

Composition :

Frame // Chassis (for the rollers): 100% Steel

Protective cover: 100% Polystyrene (PS)


Recommended storage:

Do not leave in a damp place. Do not store outside.


Use restrictions:

Max. user weight: 110 kg. For home use only.

Assembling and setting up

Thank you for purchasing a Domyos product. To help you get your equipment up and running, click on the video to see the different set-up steps.


The console does not turn on

Your device works with batteries. Check that the batteries are in the right +/- position. If the problem persists, start again with new batteries.

The console does not display the correct units of measure

Console configuration issue:

1. =>Check that the switch on the back of the console is on "Km" to display kilometres or "Mi" to display miles.

2. Press "RESET" to confirm the change

The console stays at zero

1. Check that the plugs are correctly attached at the back of the console.

2. Where the stem and frame connect, check that everything is well connected.

There is an e2 code on the console

1. Disconnect the device's electrical transformer (leave the other part plugged into the mains)

2. Wait 5 seconds

3. Plug the transformer back into the device

4. Repeat this process 5 times

My bike makes a noise

Tighten all visible hardware

EL 100
There's a problem with the resistance

Unscrew the handlebar support tube and check that the cable is properly connected.

Ensure that the black cover on the lower part of the cable has been removed.

There is a clicking noise when the pedals turn

Loosen the pedal screws for one turn, then tighten them again as much as possible.

There is too much play in the mobile arms
EL 100
Parts diagram
EL 100
You can't mount the pedals
The product is not stable

If the product is unstable during use, turn one or both of the levellers until stable.

EL 100

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Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so you should do the same for it. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.

Maintenance instructions 

1. Unplug the adapter after each use.

2. Clean with a damp cloth (moistened with water) after every use.

3. Regularly check the stability of your bike as well as the tightness of the screws according to the user guide.

Storage tips

Do not leave in a damp place or outdoors.




Use restrictions

For home use only.






Ordering available spare parts


EL 100

Our engagements

DOMYOS guarantees this product under normal use conditions, 5 years for the structure, 2 for other parts and labour as from date of purchase, as shown on receipt.


  • EL 100

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