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Designed for everyday cycling in town ... and enjoying it!

Comfortable town bike ("Dutch" style), fully equipped (carrier rack or pannier rack depending on the model). Anti-rotation coil to assist turning and improve stability when stopped.

First use

How to adjust your saddle and handlebar height before your first ride

Before setting off on your first ride on your new bike, it's imperative that it is properly adjusted (if it was not already adjusted in the store), and the tyres are fully inflated (see next point). You'll need a #6 Allen key for this procedure. Follow the pictures below:

The right tyre pressure for your bike

The recommended tyre pressure is between 3.5 bars (comfort) and 4.5 bars (performance).   A foot pump with a pressure gauge makes it very easy to check the pressure as you inflate your tyres. If you don't have one, check the tyre pressure by squeezing it between two fingers. It should be firm while still yielding a bit when pressed. The harder the tyre, the faster the wheels turn, but the more you'll feel the bumps in the road. On the other hand, riding with under-inflated tyres risks damaging your wheel rims and increases the chance of a flat tyre.   IMPORTANT: Inflating your tyres to at least 3.5 bars ensures better puncture-resistance and a good balance between comfort and performance.   We recommend re-inflating your tyres every month.

How to use the dynamo correctly

To use the dynamo without damaging your tyre, follow the recommendations shown in the video below:

How to mount a pannier basket onto your bike

A front carry system has been created for your bike: the pannier basket! The following video explains how to mount this accessory (included with your bike) onto your bike.

how to mount bike pannier basket decathlon elops btwin bike install pannier

Which child seat is compatible with your bike

The Groovy baby seat by Polisport can be easily and safely fastened to the pannier rack of your standard town bike. It is designed for children ages 12 months to 4-5 years and weighing less than 22 kg. This baby carrier is ISO11243 compliant, and includes a 3-point safety belt and adjustable footrest.

Have a problem?

One of your tyres is flat

Inside the tyre there is an inner tube which holds the air. When your tyre is flat, it's generally because the inner tube has a puncture. It's fairly easy to repair; check out our video tutorial. If needed, visit your local Decathlon workshop for assistance.

Flat tyre: How to change the wheel and inner tube on your bike.

The lights don't work

If your lights are not working, there may be several different reasons: 1- Check that the dynamo is correctly positioned against the wheel rim. 2- Check that the dynamo is properly connected. 3- Check the electrical connections (bearing in mind that if one light doesn't work, both will be short circuited)   Check the images below to learn how to perform these checks. If that doesn't work, don't hesitate to ask the technicians at your local Decathlon Workshop for advice, or contact us below for help.


Your braking is not powerful enough

Braking quality is impacted by a number of factors. Poor quality braking may manifest itself by a noise when braking, or the brake levers feeling slack or soft when pressed. To remedy this problem, follow the steps below: 1- Check the orientation of the brake pads. They should follow the shape of the rim without touching the tyre and should ideally be 1 mm away from the wheel with an additional 0.5 mm offset at the back of the pad (this is to ensure that the pads are not exactly parallel to the wheel, which would generate noise). 2- Adjust your brakes 3- Replace the brake pads if they are worn down. The brake pads may need to be changed more or less frequently depending on how often you ride. The brake pads have ridges which ensure water runs off. If the ridges are no longer there, or have visibly worn down, it's time to change your brake pads!! To do this, go to the "repairing/maintaining your bike" section and follow the "how to change your brake pads" tutorial. 

Your gears are not shifting properly

If your gears are not shifting properly, this may be due to several factors: 1- Have you taken your bike in for its first free checkup? When you purchase a bike at Decathlon, you get a free checkup during the first six months after your purchase, which includes, among other adjustments, checking that gears shift properly. Don't forget to use it! 2- Your drivetrain cable and/or cable housing is worn or old. You'll need to replace the cable and/or the cable housing if it is damaged. 3- The derailleur itself needs adjusting. Use the upper (L) and lower (H) stop screws to adjust the shifting, especially if your chain tends to skip the cogs in the back. If these adjustments don't resolve the issue, please visit your local Decathlon Workshop for a more in-depth diagnostics.

The wheel makes noise

If the front wheel is making noise, it could be that: 1- Brake pads are touching the wheel rim. See the section "Your braking is not powerful enough" for how to properly adjust your brake pads. 2- The mudguard is touching the tyre.   If the noise is coming from the back wheel, it could be that: 1- Brake pads are touching the wheel rim. See the section "Your braking is not powerful enough" for how to properly adjust your brake pads. NOTE: Before making the adjustment, make sure that the wheel is properly aligned. To do this, use a #15 wrench to loosen the bolt holding the back wheel and re-center the wheel within the frame. 2- The mudguard is touching the tyre (see video above)   If the noise persists, please visit a Decathlon store near you for an in-depth diagnostics.

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