Exporting your workouts to excel

Workouts & coaching

Decathloncoach.com lets you save your workouts in .xls format, which is compatible with most spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Google Documents.


What is the point?

This feature has been developed so that you can create your own graphs and your own workout analyses.


How do you download your workout files in .xls format?

To download your files, go to the "Activities" tab then to the workout you want to download the files for. Click on the "Actions" menu (just to the right of the workout title) then choose "Export to Excel"

The file will then be saved in your web browser's downloads folder. All you need to do is open the file with a spreadsheet program.


How is the .xls file arranged?

The file comes with three sheets of calculations. The first sheet, "Export," contains all of the points measured by your product. Each column represents one value (time elapsed, distance covered, current speed, etc.). Each row represents a measurement recorded by your product or app. Only the values measured by your product will appear. Altitude is not yet available in the .xls file.

The second sheet, "Summary," contains the same data as your workout summary on myGeonaute. 

The third sheet, "Laps," contains your laps table (only if you recorded manual or automatic laps with your product).