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It should be noted the environmental impact of a tent that is thrown away is the equivalent of driving 3 000 km by car. To reduce this impact, Decathlon has pledged that all tents are repairable and are in perfect condition after repair!

On this page, we support you step by step in repairing your tent according to the problems you encounter.

All our tents are guaranteed against any potential manufacturing defects. Under warranty, we take charge of the repair and you can bring your tent directly to the workshop of your Decathlon store. Out of warranty, or if your tent is damaged due to misuse, it is possible to very easily repair it yourself (or at a workshop at your expense).

Repair a tent pole

To replace your tent pole, you just have to identify the tent pole concerned on the following diagram, order it online or at your workshop and follow the steps in the video.

The tent pole can be:

- in fibre or aluminium. In this case, it is made up of pole sections and ferrules connected together thanks to a shock cord.

- an inflatable air beam. In this case, it is made up of a tube and a valve.

1/ Your tent layout


OUR ADVICE: It's worth calling your store to order the parts beforehand, to avoid you having to make several trips to the store.

3/ Repair videos

To replace a tent pole, you can follow the instructions in the two videos below:

How to change a tent pole / an air beam?

Repair a room

1/ Spare part

The room is the part inside the tent where you set up your mattress. To replace it, you just have to follow the steps in the following video and get the part in store or online.

OUR ADVICE: It's worth calling your store to order the parts beforehand, to avoid you having to make several trips to the store.

how to repair a tent skin

Tip: the tape can help to repair rips in the outer layer (flysheet). Depending on the quality of the product used this repair can last the tent's entire lifespan.~Important: it is advisable to place repair tape inside the flysheet so it sticks better.

2/ Repair videos

You can easily replace your tent's room. Here is a video showing you how to replace it on a pop-up tent. It's the same principle for all tents.

How to change a room?

Workshop services

You can perform all the repairs as described above yourself or you can entrust your tent to the workshop in your Decathlon store.

For more information about the services on offer by the workshop, you can click on the link below:


Find the accessories on the Decathlon website and in your Decathlon store.

How to properly take care of your tent

How to pitch my tent?

How to take down my tent?

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