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Launch date: 2019

Our team designed this cross trainer for home cardio training workouts. Stay in shape by using it up to 4 times per week. 

Want to stay in shape, lose weight, or tone your body? The smooth, wide movements of the EL 500 are compatible with the Econnected app: track your workouts and your progress!

SMOOTH PEDALLING: 7 kg flywheel

COACHING: 6 functions, 18 programmes~Personalised coaching with the Econnected app

HANDLING: Wheels for easy movement.

COMFORT: Ergonomic handlebars and adjustable pedals.


Your device is assembled correctly, but you're having trouble using it? Find all of our FAQs here.

The console does not display the correct units of measure

1. Check that the cursor behind the console (see image) is selecting the right type of equipment.

CT = cross trainer / RO = rower / EB = exercise bike


2. Check the units of measure on the console.

By default, your console will give you distance and speed information in km and km/h.

To change units:

Turn off the console

Hold down the central "OK" button for 3 seconds, until you see KM or MI on the screen

Select the unit with the "+ -" buttons

Confirm by pressing the central "OK" button, and the console will automatically display the welcome screen

Console choice ve vm ro
The console does not turn on

1. Check that the adapter is correctly plugged into the bike, that it is connected to the power, and that your plug works (to check that your wall outlet is functioning, plug in a lamp or another electronic device).

2. Check that the LED behind the console is lit = LED on = console out of service

3. LED off = Behind the console and in the stem tube, check that it is properly plugged in.

4. Plug OK but the LED remains off = converter out of service


faq console ve vm
Parts diagram
parts diagram
The bike is not stable

In case of instability during use, adjust the adjustment pads on either side of the rear feet.

FEL500 FAQ stability
A click is heard on each pedal rotation

Loosen the pedal screws one turn, then tighten very hard.

FEL500 Pedal axle tightening
Troubleshooting the heart rate monitor

1. On the back of the console, check the plug on the connector that comes out of the handlebars.

2. Slightly moisten your hands and place both hands on the sensors.

EL120 HR
The bike makes a noise

Tighten all of the visible screws

FEL500 FAQ tightening
There is an e2 or e3 code on the console
The console stays at zero

1. Check that the plugs are correctly attached at the back of the console.

2. Where the stem meets the structure, check that the plug is correctly attached.

Troubleshooting the e-connected app

Your device is functioning normally, but you're having trouble with your app? Find solutions by clicking on the "MY E-CONNECTED" button.


You weren't able to fix your problem or didn't find the answer to your question? please contact our technicians.

Product maintenance

It takes care of you, so why not the other way round? Since regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your appliance and extend its service life, find all of our maintenance tips here.

Care instructions 

1. Unplug the adapter after each use.

2. After each workout, clean any perspiration off of your product and dust it regularly with a soft cloth.

3. Regularly check the stability of your bike as well as the tightness of the screws and bolts according to the user guide.

Storage advice

Do not leave in a damp place, do not store outdoors.






Use restriction

Max. user weight: 130 kg. For home use only.






User guide


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Our commitments

Domyos guarantees your product in normal conditions of use, 5 years for the structure and 2 years for other parts and labour, from the date of purchase, the date on the receipt is binding.