FISH 500

Ref: 8551742

FISH 500


The FISH 500 is comfy and easy to handle, making it the perfect longboard for both beginners and intermediates." "It's the ideal companion for casual rides and trips around town. The 100 longboard has a drop-through shape that makes it easier to handle.

It's designed to make learning easy, and is perfect for riders with a smaller build who want to cruise or get around town in a fun new way.

Technical details and maintenance:

How to adjust longboard trucks

To adjust the way a truck turns, you'll need to adjust the kingpin. Using your T-tool, the tighter you tighten the kingpin, the stiffer the longboard will be. Conversely, the more you loosen it, the more flexible it will be.
Be careful not to over-tighten the hanger, however, as this can damage the rings around it.
If you loosen it too much, there is a risk of wheel bite, i.e. the board will touch the wheel during your turn, which will instantly lock it.

How to make sure the wheels are running smoothly

As with the trucks, take your T-Tool and loosen the nut on the axle (at the end of the truck axle) to free the wheel from its nut. Be careful to loosen slightly so that the wheel can turn without coming off the truck axle.

How to replace your longboard trucks

Turn the board over (grip facing down), take the truck bolts and push them through the holes in your board.
This means your grip will be pierced in the right place for the truck bolts.

Turn the board back over and place your bolts in the holes. If you have coloured bolts, use them to tell the nose from the tail.

Position your trucks, making sure the kingpins aren't facing each other – otherwise your trucks will be mounted the wrong way around (see photo).

Finally, use the T-tool to tighten your bolts until the nut can't go any tighter.

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