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Model year: 2021

This bench 500 was developed by our coaches and our design team.
A no-hassle folding bench. Unfold and get started!
Max weight: 220 kg (user weight + weights)
Abdominal position, 4 backrest inclined positions (0, 30, 45,80°) & 2 seat inclined positions
20 cm height when folded (folds in less than 30 seconds).
No assembly. Just unfold the product to start exercising
Feet have a rubber bottom to compensate for uneven flooring.
Foot braces are removable to stay out of the way during bench press

How to use your product

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Folding Bench 500 how to use video


There's a creaking noise when you use your bench

If your bench creaks when you use it, check that the screws are tight.

If the problem persists, make a support request.

There's a part missing

You've opened the box and there's a part missing:

- Check to see if it's in the box somewhere or hidden by another part.

If you can't find it, make a support request.

Problem parts

If you're having problems with a badly manufactured or damaged part, make a support request.

Parts diagram


exploded parts diagram
bench press fold

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Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so you should do the same for it. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.

Maintenance instructions 

1. After assembling the product and before each use, check that the fasteners are tight and do not protrude.

2. Use a towel when exercising and clean your equipment with a soft, slightly damp cloth after each use.

Storage tips

Do not leave in a damp place or outdoors.





Use restrictions

Max weight: 220 kg (user weight + weights)

Folding Bench 500

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  • bench press fold

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Folding Bench 500


20% - Polyurethane
40% - Foam nitrile butadiene rubber
40% - Wood
100% - Phthalate-free polyvinyl chloride

Folding Bench 500

Our commitments

Under normal conditions of use, CORENGTH guarantees your product for five years for the structure and for two years for the other parts and labour from the date of purchase, proof of which is provided by the date on the receipt.