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Luggage scale

First step

What systems of measurement unit are available on my luggage scale?

Your luggage scale offers 3 systems of measurement units:

- Kg (kilogram - international measurement).
- Lbs (Pound - Anglo-saxon measure)
- St (Stone - English measure)

How do i turn off my luggage scale?

To turn off your luggage scale, press the ON / OFF button for 2 seconds.

Important: The luggage scale switches OFF automatically after 30 seconds of non-use.

Does my luggage scale screen have lighting?

No, the screen is not equipped with lighting.


How do i replace the battery in my luggage scale?

To replace the battery, simply unscrew the back cover screw with a precision Phillips screwdriver.
The battery model is: CR 2032

Forclaz LS Travel
What is the battery life time of my luggage scale?

Battery life time varies depending on the frequency of use. Autonomy is about one year.

Tip: to preserve autonomy in case of prolonged non-use (more than 6 months), you can remove the battery from the luggage scale.

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