WT 500

Ref: 8560563

Forclaz WT Trek 500

FORCLAZ has designed this pair of walkie-talkies to communicate freely over an average range (10 km in flat terrain) during mountain hikes and treksOur team based on Alps have designed these walkie-talkies to communicate as a group without using telecommunications networks. Compatible with PMR 446 MHz. 8 channels, 121 sub-channels (CTCSS and DCS)


What type of battery can I use with my walkie-talkies ?
How can I recharge the batteries of my walkie-talkies (powerbank? Solar charger? etc ...) ?
What type of USB port is used on this model ?


How does a sub channel work ?
What is the difference between DCS and CTCSS ?
Can the n°x-channel in DCS communicate with the n°x-channel in CTCSS ?
Why can I hear other people on my walkie-talkies ?
I use a Channel but without subchannel (subchannel set to 0).Why can I hear other people who have settled a subchannel ?


In which countries can I use my walkie-talkies ?
What is the walkie-talkies standard ?
How many radios can communicate with each other simultaneously?
My radio does not work with walkie-talkies with 121 sub-channels, why?
What type of headset can I use ? Will another heast than the one provided work ?