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FORCLAZ has designed this pair of waterproof walkie-talkies to communicate freely at an average distance (10 km in an open field) during your hikes and treks.Our team based in Alps designed these walkie-talkies to communicate among a group without using the telecommunications networks.PMR 446 MHz compatible. 16 channels and 121 sub-channels (CTCSS and DCS)

Battery and power supply

What type of battery can i use with my walkie-talkies ?

Our walkie-talkies are compatible with all types of rechargeable NimH 1.2V AAA batteries. In case of an emergency, you can also use 1.5V alkaline batteries, but be careful not to mix the two types of batteries and never try to recharge alkaline batteries in your walkie-talkie. This could cause damage and is not taken into account in our commercial guarantee (abnormal use of the product).

How can i recharge the batteries of my walkie-talkies (powerbank? solar charger? etc ...) ?

The BGB 500, WT TREK 500 and 900 walkie-talkies are rechargeable by USB. They recharge for batteries when they are connected to a USB power supply via the cable provided. You can therefore connect them to any charger (Car, Solar Panel, Computer, etc...) as long as this charger is USB compatible.

What type of usb port is used on this model ?

The power port of our following walkie-talkies:- ONCHANNEL 510 (ref: 8335339)- BGB 500 (ref: 8494241)- WT TREK 500 (ref: 8560563)- WT TREK 900 (ref: 8560564)are using MicroUSB standard. You can therefore use your own cable to recharge as long as it is MicroUSB comptatible.

Use of channels and sub-channels

How does a sub channel work ?

Basically, when a subchannel is selected, a radio signal is added to the communication as long as you are transmitting. Any walkie-talkie listening to the same channel AND the same subchannel can then hear and communicate with you.

What is the difference between dcs and ctcss ?

These acronyms correspond to two coding techniques for communication subchannels.- In CTCSS, the key is Analog (inaudible sound signal) and offers 38 combinations- In DCS, the key is digital (binary signal) and offers 83 combinationsThese are therefore two categories of perfectly independent subchannels.

Can the n°x-channel in dcs communicate with the n°x-channel in ctcss ?

As explained above, no. Indeed, in DCS, the walkie-talkie are not able to communicate with a CTCSS coding key and vice versa.

Why can i hear other people on my walkie-talkies ?

Walkie-talkies are so-called "free" radio transmitter / receiver devices. The frequencies are therefore standardized and numbered in Channels and subchannels). If you use a channel (from 1 to 8 for the WT TREK 500 or from 1 to 16 for the WT TREK 900, you can listen and communicate with other people.

I use a channel but without subchannel (subchannel set to 0).why can i hear other people who have settled a subchannel ?

When no sub-channel is programmed, your walkie-talkie does not try to decode the key of users who have selected a sub-channel (DCS or CTCSS). You are therefore able to listen to any user of the same channel, whatever its subchannel.Please note: as you do not have an activated sub-channel, you cannot speak to them.


In which countries can i use my walkie-talkies ?

The use of your walkie-talkies is regulated, you are free to use them in all countries of the European Union but also in Russia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain and Singapore. You are not allowed to use them in other countries.

What is the walkie-talkies standard ?

Your walkie-talkies are PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio). They transmit on the 446Mhz frequency band. The use of this frequency band is free and usable without any license or authorization.

How many radios can communicate with each other simultaneously?

No, it is not possible to have several walkie-talkies transmitting simultaneously on the same frequency. The technology is called "Half Duplex", when you start a communication, the walkie-talkie uses the frequency to transmit the message and blocks its use by other devices. It is then necessary to wait for the end of the communication and the release of the frequency to be able to answer it.However, it is possible to have several transmitters simultaneously on different frequencies.

My radio does not work with walkie-talkies with 121 sub-channels, why?

To simplify the use of the DCS and CTCSS subchannels, some manufacturers have "added" the 38 CTCSS subchannels (see explanation above) and the 83 DCS codes, which gives 121 subchannel keys.When this is the case, it must be considered that channels 1 to 38 correspond to a subchannel 1 to 38 in CTCSS and that channels 39 to 121 correspond to channels 1 to 83 in DCS.Ex: channel 105 of this type of Walkie-Talkie corresponds to the DCS subchannel n ° 67 of your DECATHLON walkie-talkie.

What type of headset can i use ? will another heast than the one provided work ?

The Decathlon walkie-talkies are all made with a specific 2.5mm jack socket.In case of loss, you can buy the following items directly on our website www.decathlon.fr:Headset (one piece): ref - 8582511

What is the difference between a hunting and a hiking walkie-talkie ?

The need of use of a hunting walkie-talkie are different from those of hiking. A hunter will need sound discretion, for example he does not want his walkie-talkie to emit parasitic sounds during an approach phase. This is why the BGB500 does not emit any sound other than the voice of the users while the WT TREK 500 and WT TREK 900 integrates functions such as Roger Beep or sound feedback of settings. The color codes of the hunting and hiking models are also adapted to the practice.

Communication range

I have trouble communicating in town, why?

In cities, the propagation of waves emitted by the walkie-talkie is disturbed by buildings and vehicles. This interference reduces the signal strength and therefore its range. This is why the recommended distance for use in urban areas is 1 km.

What is the maximum range of a walkie-talkie?

The range of a device depends on its transmitting power as well as obstacles that can block the waves between two devices.You can therefore obtain:Free fields: 10Km rangeHilly terrain: 5Km rangeCity / dense forest: 1Km rangeFor information, during a field test with good weather conditions, we managed to transmit at more than 13Km distance between 2 mountain passes!


Are walkie-talkies waterproof?

Warning, it depends on your model!The WT TREK 500 is not waterproof, it will resist some splashes but may be damaged if you use it in heavy rain. The WT TREK 900 is waterproof against water spray, you can use it in the rain without fear, but it is not waterproof in immersion: you cannot therefore clean it by immersing it in a river.

What is the ipx4 standard?

The protection index (IPa) is an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission relating to sealing.IPX4 means that the product is waterproof against splashing water from all directions.

Spare parts

I lost an accessory of my walkie-talkies (headset, clip, batteries ...), how can i replace it?

In case of loss, you can buy the following items directly on our website www.decathlon.fr:Headset (individually): ref - 8582511Rechargeable batteries 4xAAA NiMH 800mAh: ref 8582510In case of failure, please contact our support team directly by e-mail at: [email protected]

I lost or broke my charger, my charging base, how can i replace it ?

The WT TREK 500 and 900 models (ref: 8560563 & 8560564) work with any type of microUSB cable.The ONCHANNEL 510 and 710 models (ref: 8335339 and 8335340) are no longer sold and have specific chargers.In case of loss or failure of the charger or a cable, contact our support team from the link at the bottom of the page "access the form".

Here is the list of spare parts for the FORCLAZ WT TREK 900 :

Reference : 8582511

Reference : 8582510

You can order spare parts (depending on availability) on our decathlon.co.uk site by clicking on one of the buttons below or contact the after-sales team at your usual DECATHLON store.

Forclaz WT Trek 900
Forclaz WT Trek 900

Walkie-talkie earpiece ptt 2.5 mm

Reference : 8582511

Forclaz WT Trek 900

Pack of 4 aaa rechargeable batteries - nimh 800mah

Reference : 8582510

Workshop services

You want to entrust us with your product for repair. Here is the list of services offered by our workshops :

(No workshop service for the FORCLAZ WT TREK 900).


Are the radio waves from my walkie-talkies dangerous for my health?

Like all wireless communication products, walkie-talkies emit waves. However, the PMR446 standard imposes a transmission power limited to 0.5W, the lowest in the world for radio communication systems.In addition, our product complies with standard IEC 62209 which regulates the maximum level of absorption of waves produced by a wireless communication device.

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Forclaz WT Trek 900

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