G-EYE 300

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G-EYE 300



First use

How to use my product?

How to use my product?

How to recover stored photos and videos?
How to configure the time lapse photo?
How to configure the time lapse video?

Software and applications

How many minutes of video can i record on my sd card?

For a 16GB card:
720p (120fps): 2.5 hours
1080p (30 fps): 2 hours
1080p (60fps): 1.75 hours

For a 32GB card:
720p (120fps): 5 hours
1080p (30fps): 4 hours
1080p (60fps): 3.5 hours

What movie editing software should i use with my video camera?

If you are looking for free movie editing software, we can recommend the following:
- Mac: iMovie.
- Windows: Windows Movie Maker.
Other movie editing software can be purchased separately.


Another question?

Is it possible to add an external microphone to the g-eye video cameras?

Yes, using a microphone with a mini-USB connector, available from all good electronics stores

I cannot play back my videos, why not?

Your microSD card may not be compatible with our video cameras.
Our video cameras are compatible with microSD cards up to Class 10 64GB.
The higher the image quality is configured, the faster the write speed of the microSD card must be (at least 45 MB/second)

Are there any precautions that i should take when using my video camera in humid environments?

To prevent condensation from forming in humid environments, we recommend placing an anti-fog insert inside the waterproof case.
These accessories are available in store and at www.decathlon.com


I maintain my product

- Screen and lens cleaning:
In order to keep your screen clean and your lens, it is advisable to clean them with a soft, dry cloth, such as the one used for glasses.

- Cleaning the case:
You can clean the rest of the product with a slightly damp cloth.
Be careful, do not use detergent products, this risks infiltrating the case and damaging it.

- Cleaning of the Casing:
If used in salt water on the beach, be sure to rinse your case with clear water.

- Battery :
To increase the life of your battery, it is advisable to keep it charged between 50 and 80%. Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures (or very hot, or very cold) for long periods of time. Be sure to use the original charger.


Spare parts & accessories

Here is the spare part:

- Waterproof Case G-Eye New Casing:
Reference: 8502841

Here are the accessories:

- G-EYE 300 - 500 - 700 (2016) - WRIST REMOTE:
Ref: 8206814

For more details on availability, please contact your usual DECATHLON store.

G-EYE 300
G-EYE 300

Waterproof case g-eye new casing

Reference: 8502841


G-eye 300 - 500 - 700 (2016) - remote control

Ref: 8206814


User guides

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Declaration of conformity

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G-EYE 300

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