Glass storage box: instructions, repairs

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Glass storage box : user guide, repairs


We firmly believe that the life cycle of a product does not end when it gets damaged. This is why we offer solutions for properly using, maintaining and repairing your product, in order to extend its lifespan.

First use

If you've just bought a glass storage box, here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

What is the volume of my box?

With a capacity of 1 litre, my tin has two compartments and an empty weight of 825g. It measures 25cm by 13cm, and is 7cm high.

Glass storage box: instructions, repairs
Is my box watertight?

Designed to be airtight, your box is watertight thanks to the all-round silicone seal on the lid. This is attached to the box by a sliding system.

Glass storage box: instructions, repairs
What are the restrictions of use?

A reusable everyday object, it is transparent so you can easily find what you're looking for. Your box is dishwasher and oven safe, except for the plastic components and at a maximum temperature of 250°C. It is also suitable for use in the freezer (-20°C maximum) or microwave.

We recommend that you avoid thermal shock and allow your food to come to room temperature before storing it in the fridge. The glass and the seal preserve the quality and flavour of the food. However, it is best to carry your box in a padded bag to avoid impacts.

Glass storage box: instructions, repairs
What is the warranty on my box?

2-year guarantee.

Looking after my glass box

Now let's talk about cleaning! 🧼

Before using for the first time, we recommend that you wash the entire product three times in clean, hot, soapy water to remove any manufacturing residue.

Secondly, as mentioned above, your box is perfectly dishwasher-safe. When choosing a product, opt for a gel soap over a powder soap, and use a liquid rinse to avoid limescale stains. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Repairing my storage box

We've thought of you by designing spare parts to make your box last for longer.

Glass storage box: instructions, repairs

Give your glass storage box a new lease of life

No longer using your glass box but don't know what to do with it?

Rather than throwing it away, you can sell it second-hand on the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.