Maintaining and repairing your HL900 USB V2 lm headlamp

REF: 8559673, 8577503, 8559672

Headlamp BIVOUAC 500 USB: instructions, repair, maintenance


You’ve bought a BIVOUAC 500 USB headlamp and have a question or problem? This page if for you. Don't panic, we are here to help you!

This plug is compatible with our BIVOUAC 500 USB headlamp model.

First Use and Battery Tips.

Automatic Power Reduction Feature for Extended Use When Battery Is Low

When the battery reaches a very low level, the lamp automatically reduces its power so you can keep moving for another 30min at 20 lm.

Locking and Unlocking Your Lamp for Accidental Activation Prevention

To avoid it turning on by accident in your bag, the lamp can be locked by pressing the button for 3 seconds. A red flash confirms that the lamp is locked. Do the same to unlock it.

What is the lock mode for?
Battery Charge Status Indicator on Your Headlamp

An indicator light at the top left of the headlamp lets you know the battery charge status in the first seconds of switching on the headlamp.

> Green = between 30% and 100%

> Red = between 10 and 30%

Utilizing the Red Light Mode for Low-Intensity and Non-Distracting Illumination

This mode allows you to navigate or get around in a very short range with a less dazzling colour for those who are nearby. This light also makes it possible to lower nocturnal acuity (ability of the eye to see in the dark).
The red mode is therefore popular in refuges, in tents or in groups, but also for star lovers.

What’s the difference between a hiking and a trail light?

Features and Functionality of the Bivouac 500 Hiking and Trekking Lamp

Hiking and trekking lamps are designed to be compact and provide light during low-speed walking.
To do this, the Bivouac 500 is designed in a single module worn on the forehead with a wide lighting beam in the first power modes, then progressively narrower on the more powerful modes.
The first mode of our lamps is always a red light, then the other modes gradually increase the power until the strongest mode.
The double button system + and - allows to navigate between the modes without having to turn off the lamp.

Essential Features for Trail Running Headlamps: Power, Stability, and Limited Red Mode

Trail running lamps must be able to guarantee powerful lighting during rapid movements on all types of terrain.
They must also offer perfect stability on the head, hence the offset of the battery at the back of the skull.
Red mode is rarely present on this type of model.

Maintaining my headlamp

Proper Storage and Battery Maintenance Tips for Your Lamp

It is important to store the lamp in a place protected from direct sunlight and humidity. During long-term storage, remember to remove and fully recharge the battery (every 6 months).

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Removable Headband

The headband is removable and washable. You can wash it with soap and water.
You can also clean it using a humid cloth.

Long-lasting LED Technology and Non-Replaceable LED Bulbs

Unlike conventional light bulbs that could be easily unplugged, LED technology does not allow them to be replaced because they are soldered to the electronic board. The LEDs we use, on the other hand, have a very long lifespan which ensures you use them for several years without any worries.

Responsible Disposal and Recycling of Headlamps at DECATHLON Stores

Headlamps are subject to the provisions for the recycling of electrical and electronic products (e-waste). At the end of its life, you can bring your headlamp back and deposit it in the recycling bins at the entrance to our DECATHLON stores.

Performance of your BIVOUAC 500 USB headlamp

Understanding Lumens vs. Watts: Measuring the Output and Range of Light in Lamps

Unlike watts, which express the energy consumption of an electrical device, lumens correspond to the quantity of light actually emitted by the lamp.
This measurement is carried out by placing the lamp in an enclosure fitted with sensors and measuring the light emitted in all directions around the lamp.
PLEASE NOTE! At equal power, all the lamps will not have the same lighting range because it will depend on how concentrated the beam at the exit of the lamp is (with a lens or a diffuser).
The narrower the beam, the farther the lamp will illuminate.
The wider the beam, the better the lamp will illuminate the sides evenly, but to the detriment of the range.

Understanding Lux as a Measure of Localized Illuminance in Lamps

If the lumens correspond to the light emitted by the lamp in all directions, the lux corresponds to the light received locally at a point illuminated by the lamp. This illuminance unit therefore makes it possible to measure the lighting distance of each lamp.

Maximum Power Measurement for Lamps and the Influence of Boost Modes

The maximum power of a lamp is measured in the first 2 minutes of lighting up, new batteries (or fully recharged).
On some models offering temporary modes (Boost modes), it corresponds to the power of this mode.

Understanding Lighting Ranges in Decathlon Products According to ANSI-FL1 Standard

According to the ANSI-FL1 standard, all the lighting ranges of Decathlon products correspond to the distance at which the lamp can illuminate at 0.25 Lux.
This value corresponds to the illumination received by the moon under ideal conditions (clear weather, full moon).

Understanding Autonomy in Lighting Modes: 10% of Maximum Power

For each lighting mode, the autonomy corresponds to the time during which the lamp is capable of supplying 10% of the maximum power of this mode.

Power and charging

Recharging Your BIVOUAC 500 USB Headlamp with a Standard Micro-USB Cable

The power socket of our BIVOUAC 500 USB headlamps (8559673, 8577503, 8559672) is standard Micro-USB. You can therefore use your own cable to recharge them if it is of the Micro-USB type.

Versatile Recharging Options for BIVOUAC 500 USB Headlamps via USB Compatibility

BIVOUAC 500 USB headlamps can be recharged by USB. You can therefore connect them to any charger (car, sector, solar panel, computer) as long as this charger is USB compatible.

End of lifetime

Your headlamp  has broken and you have no way of repairing it. You mustn’t get rid of it any old how.
Your headlamp must be recycled and placed in a WEEE recovery container. These units can be found at the entrance to our DECATHLON stores.