HG 60-3

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HG 60-3


Year sold: 2011

Designed for regular bodybuilding workouts at home (up to 5 hrs per week). To work out with a 60 kg load. 


VERSATILITY: 1 workout station. 12 possible exercises. Max load: 60 kg (12 x 5 kg).

EASY TO USE: Quickly switch from a seated press to a butterfly (locked using pins).

USER COMFORT: Protective cover.Accessories: 1 bar, 1 pull handle, ankle strap.


You don't know where to position the finger guards

Assembly problem:

=> The large finger guards are positioned when the pulleys are inside the tube,

=> The small finger guards are positioned on the flat parts.

Your equipment is making a noise

1. The screws are loose:

=> Tighten all visible screws.


2. Lack of lubrication:

=> If necessary, lubricate the joints and the load guide with silicone spray.

The cable is twisted or does not run smoothly

The cable was poorly fitted during assembly:

=>Check that the cable is properly positioned by reading the user guide.

The weights are hard to pull

Assembly problem:

=> Check that the pulleys are not too tight.

=> Check that the cables have not come off the pulley groove

=> Check that the cables were properly assembled by reading the user guide.

The cables aren't taut

Over time the cables can stretch slightly:

=> To tighten the cable, move the carabiner one or even two links down the chain until it is the correct tension.

HG 60-3

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Servicing your product

Storage tips

Do not leave in a damp place. Do not store outdoors.





Maintenance instructions 

1. After assembling the product and before each use, check that the fasteners are tight and do not protrude.

2. Use a towel when exercising and clean your equipment with a soft, slightly damp cloth after each use.

Use restrictions

For home use only. Maximum user weight 110 kg.





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HG 60-3

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HG 60-3
HG 60-3

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DOMYOS guarantees this product under normal use conditions, 5 years for the structure, 2 for other parts and labour as from date of purchase, as shown on receipt.