How are the ON points calculated?

Analysis and statistics

The ON points were created to allow you to:

1. Compare the intensity of your various sports activities whatever the sport

2. Compare the intensity of your sports activities with those of your friends, taking into account your physiological parameters (weight) so as to be able to make a fair comparison whatever your body make-up.

The ON points are calculated based on the number of calories you're burned up during your sports activity. 100 ON corresponds to how much energy you spend when you do 30 minutes of active walking (the amount of daily physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization)

If your cycling gives you 200 ON points, that means you've spent as much energy as if you'd done 1h at a brisk pace. You've done "twice as much sport" as the recommended daily amount.

If you earn 300 ON points and your friend does the same. That means you've both spent the same amount of energy. However, the amount of calories each of you burns may be different because your weights are different.