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How to change the bladders of your float tube?

You punctured one of the bladders of your float tube on your last outing? View our video tutorials to learn how to replace it yourself!

Sébastien Gibondi, sales assistant in the Yutz store, loves fishing in a float tube, and he explains how to change one of the bladders of your float tube. The bladders in the FLTB-5 float tube are thick and tough. Despite their quality, you might puncture a bladder in cluttered water by floating over brambles or thorns. How can you replace it?

How to replace a bladder?

Replacing a bladder (tube or chamber) in your float tube is child's play. Sébastien explains how in the videos below. 

You can complete the five steps in just a few minutes:

-1- Unscrew the complete valve (unscrew the plastic washer on side valves).

-2- Open the fastener and take out the bladder

-3- Check the markings to make sure you have bought the right valve before installing it.

-4- Check the interior of the float tube. Do not insert anything that could puncture the bladder again (thorns, pebbles, etc.) 

-5- Install the new bladder, then close the fastener again.

Check that the bladder is properly installed. If folds appear when you inflate the bladder, deflate and reposition the bladder.

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Parts available from customer service

You can repair and replace several parts of your float tube to make it last for as long as possible.

To avoid any endless Customer Service formalities, you can directly access the parts catalogue on the Decathlon website.  

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