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You’ve just inspected your neoprene wetsuit and you’ve found a rip or a tear? Find out how to repair it!

If you notice a rip or a tear while putting on or taking off your wetsuit, there’s no reason to panic! In some cases, you can repair the damage yourself. Designer Myriam reveals how to mend your wetsuit in this handy video tutorial.


In case of a tear or a clear slit in your wetsuit, you’re going to need the following: a couple of clothes pegs, a fine paintbrush and some neoprene glue (usually found in a DIY store). Fold the material at the area in question, and hold it in place with the clothes pegs. Apply a first layer of glue to each side of the tear, wait a few minutes, and apply a second coat. Once the glue is no longer tacky (but not fully dry), place the two edges of the fabric together and apply pressure across the glued area. If the neoprene has been cut through, turn your wetsuit inside out and repeat the operation. Be sure to let your wetsuit dry for approximately 24 hours before using it.

subea repairing neoprene wetsuit


In this case, you’ll need to patch your suit with a small section of neoprene. You’ll need: a piece of neoprene that’s the same thickness as your wetsuit, a fine paintbrush, some neoprene glue, a pen, and a glass or cup with a diameter that’s slightly larger than the hole. Place the glass over cut area in question, draw a circle around the edge of the glass, and then cut out the shape. Do the same thing on the new piece of neoprene. Place the new piece in the hole in your wetsuit, making 4 guide marks in order to help you to position the patch. Then, apply a layer of glue all around the new piece. Do the same for the circumference of the cut-out in your wetsuit. Let the glue dry for approximately 2 minutes, then apply a second layer. Wait a few seconds before positioning the new piece (use the guide marks drawn on with pen). Align one mark on the new piece and the wetsuit, then apply pressure between the two pieces of fabric. Repeat the operation with the other guide marks. Finally, pinch all the way around the edge to ensure that the glue adheres correctly to the neoprene. Turn the wetsuit inside out and repeat the operation. As before, remember to let your wetsuit dry for at least 24 hours before using it.


Regular wetsuit maintenance after each dive is essential. Thoroughly checking your suit won’t just help prevent rips or tears, it’ll also allow you to keep your wetsuit in good working order for as long as possible. For more information on wetsuit upkeep, take a look at some expert advice provided by Nathalie, neoprene product engineer.