maintain itiwit pump

How to use and maintain the orange itiwit hp pump

Here are some tips on how to use the Itiwit high-pressure pump properly and keep it in tip-top condition for longer.

This dual-action high-pressure pump can be used to inflate stand-up paddle boards and the Itiwit X500 kayak. Here are some tips on how to use it properly and keep it in top-top condition for longer.

Attach the pump hose correctly

Screw the hose in the right direction, as shown in the video opposite, to prevent the hose from becoming detached from the pump during use.

You are advised to unscrew the hose correctly before stowing it in the stand-up paddle board’s bag. Do not fold the hose, as doing so can cause definitive damage.

Using the single/dual-action system

The dual-action system pumps air when pulling and pushing the handle of the pump. This inflates the board faster to begin with, so that it takes its proper shape, but becomes more difficult to pull when the pressure rises. You should then set the switch on the pump to the single-action position. In this case, air is only pumped when you push the handle, as shown in the video opposite.


Repairing and maintaining the itiwit hp pump

The Itiwit dual-action high-pressure pump can become difficult to use over time. The gasket inside the tube that seals the pump can come out of its housing, creating resistance when pumping. It is very easy to put it back in place and grease the tube so that the pump lasts longer, as shown in the video opposite.

Using the itiwit hp pump with other makes of paddle boards

he valves on other makes of inflatable stand-up paddle boards (Aquamarina, Fanatic, etc.) are slightly different from the valves on the Itiwit paddle boards. To make the Itiwit HP pump compatible with these makes, simply remove the orange seal from the part of the hose that is inserted into the valve and replace it with a thinner seal that is compatible with the valve.

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