Inflatable camping living rooms

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Have you purchased an inflatable camping living room and have a question or problem with your model? Don't worry, we are here to support you.

This sheet is compatible with all our Air Seconds living rooms, regardless of capacity.

First adventures: our advice

What should i check before leaving?

To avoid unpleasant surprises when setting up your living room, it is a good idea to carry out a few checks for peace of mind.

- Take your living room out of its cover to air it out and limit bad odours, and clean it if necessary (see our maintenance tips below).
- Check the condition of your equipment: make sure that no mast is broken, that the guy ropes do not show any defects, that you are not missing pegs etc...
- Examine the canvas to verify that there are no holes.
- Check the status of the zips to see if they are working properly.

Where to set up your living room

Before setting up your living room, it is important to choose a suitable location. So, we have listed some tips to help you find the perfect spot :

If you have a campsite pitch:
- Avoid placing yourself near the entrance, restaurants and activity structures of your campsite to get as much peace and quiet as possible.
- Check out the neighbouring pitches to make sure you aren't next to a summer camp or a large family that could be very noisy.
- If you have children, make sure there is enough space outside to let them loose
- Check your pitch for stones, branches or other objects that could potentially damage your living room
- Choose a shady spot if you are going during hot weather -

If you have a wild pitch: 
- Look for a flat and relatively clear ground (no rocks, branches...) to sleep well and not damage your living room
- Avoid setting up too close to a water point for many reasons: humidity, insects, possible rising water…
- Limit exposure to the wind so that it doesn't shake too much and opt for a relatively sheltered location such as undergrowth for example. Always position the entrance to your living room with your back to the wind
- Set up where the sun shines in the morning so you don't get cold in cooler temperatures.

How weatherproof is my living room?

All our living rooms are laboratory tested to ensure that they are waterproof: a first test is carried out for 3 hours under 200 L of water per hour and per square met. The second test is carried out in real conditions by our experts.

As far as wind resistance is concerned, our living rooms are also tested in a wind tunnel on a turntable.

To see the specific characteristics of your living room model, please consult the product sheets available on the Decathlon website.

Weather tests for inflatable camping living rooms

How to prevent condensation?

Recurring rain throughout the day, warm air that persists when the outside temperature drops, body heat... these are factors that can create condensation inside your living room. To avoid this phenomenon, here's some advice:

- Open the vents in your living room as much as possible, even when it is raining
- Avoid creases when putting up your living room, as these can lead to the concentration of water drops
- Don't put up your living room too close to a water source, but rather in a sheltered place where the temperature and humidity are regulated.

To remove the condensation already present, gently wipe off the droplets with a cloth and ventilate your living room as much as possible. Open the door and put it in a dry place until it can dry.

Maintaining your inflatable camping living room

Maintaining an inflatable camping living room

Using it correctly

Before setting up your living room, leave the front door closed to avoid stretching the fabric too much when you inflate it. Do not tighten the guy ropes too much because too much tension on the canvas could damage it. Finally, don't leave your living room too exposed to the sun, as UV rays accelerate the wear process.


Do not use cleaning products to wash your living room, but rather clean or soapy water if necessary. Make sure you rinse it well when you've finished.


It is important to dry your living room thoroughly after cleaning to avoid mould. If you have room at home, assemble it fully and open all the doors so that it dries more quickly. If, on the contrary, you run out of space, detach the pieces one by one and extend them.
Finally, remember to dry the underside of your living room and its cover.


Store your living room in a dry place at room temperature. Remember to close the front door tightly to prevent your living room from becoming too tense when you put it back together.


Several factors can affect the waterproofing of your living room, such as exposure to the sun, rubbing of the cover or natural wear and tear.
Therefore, we advise you to apply a waterproofing spray on the canvas at least once a year.

Have your living room repaired in the workshop

Take advantage of the expertise of our employees and book an appointment online to benefit from the following workshop service.

Repair your living room yourself

Choose the model of your living room and find all compatible spare parts so that you can carry out the repairs yourself. For the repair of the inflatable bladder, a diagram is available so that you can identify the faulty part and know the correct length.

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Repair your living room yourself


Simply apply a patch or adhesive to fill the hole. We advise you to apply them to the interior part of the canvas for better adhesion.

Resell your inflatable camping living room as a second hand item

You don't use your living room anymore and you don't know what to do with it? Instead of throwing it away, don't hesitate to resell it second-hand using the Decathlon Second-hand platform! Fill in all the information about your product online. We will therefore offer you the best sales solutions, then you can drop off your product in the store to finalize the procedure.