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So, you’re the proud new owner of an inflatable bodyboard, or are getting ready to buy one? Here are a few tips on how to use it, maintain it and/or repair it!

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

How to inflate your bodyboard

It couldn't be easier: open the valve, take a deep breath in, and blow into it! There are other inflation solutions, too: the Nabaiji mini pump, or our new pump bag, which will be arriving in stores in Spring 2022, and which will also give you a great new way to carry your beach kit.
That said, be careful not to over-inflate it.

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

Once your bodyboard is inflated, all that’s left for you to do is head into the water! Our inflatable bodyboards are designed to move through waves up to 50 cm high, so you’ll need to be able to find your feet. When the foam reaches your torso, catch hold of the handles, push off from your legs, and glide onto your bodyboard. For optimal gliding, your legs should be stretched out, arms folded, and you bust should be on the bodyboard. Gliding sensations guaranteed!

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

How to deflate your bodyboard

It is just as easy to deflate your body board as it is to inflate.
- Open the valve
- Press the button in the centre
Once it’s pressed in, it will push the air out of the bodyboard.
Of course, we’re all familiar with the airbed technique - you lie on top of it and it deflates quicker, and the same applies for the bodyboard.

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

How to repair your inflatable bodyboard

If there’s a leak on the surface of the bodyboard:
First, apply soapy water over the surface of the inflated bodyboard, and wait for air bubbles to appear, to identify where exactly the leak is. You can then apply a repair patch.

If there’s a leak at the valve:
It is possible that the bodyboard’s valve hasn’t been sealed properly, which would let air escape. So, make sure that the valve has been properly sealed to avoid any slow leaks. A great tip for this is to blow into it, to make sure that sand hasn't gotten stuck in the valve.
If the valve is really defective, it's best to just return your bodyboard to your nearest store.

How to use your inflatable bodyboard

A few tips for use:

To make sure you can enjoy your bodyboard for as long as possible, we’ve put together our top tips:
- Never leave your bodyboard inflated in direct sunlight, or in temperatures exceeding 30 °C, including in cars.
- Use your bodyboard in the conditions it’s intended for use in: in waves measuring less than 50 cm. It hasn't been designed to withstand your spectacular dives into the pool.
- Wear a UV TOP or a wetsuit to reduce any risk of irritation when using your bodyboard.

To enjoy bodyboarding as a family, our discovery range has been developed across several sizes:
- A kids’ size (between 15 and 25 kg)
- A medium size (between 25 and 90 kg)
- An XL size for bodyboarding in pairs (kid + adult)

You’re now ready to go take on the waves for the first time as a family! Share your photos with us on Instagram, by tagging us: @radbug_bodyboarding