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With the help of a naval architect, we designed this inflatable kayak for intermediate kayakers. Tour all day long at sea or on a calm lake or river.
A rigid kayak that fits in a backpack (or a wheeled bag for the 2P), is that even possible? It is now! Powerful, lightweight, sturdy and easy to inflate: with the x500 kayak, you can paddle long distances all year round!

And to help make it last as long as possible, you can find our solutions and tips on how to use, maintain and repair it here.

Set-up advice, getting started, user guides, spare parts, repairing at home or at the Decathlon workshop, reselling, etc. Follow the guide!

Maintaining your canoe or kayak
to make it last

There's no secret to making your canoe or kayak last: you just have to look after it properly. Two quick and easy tips to help you enjoy it for longer:

Maintaining your canoe or kayak

During your days at the beach, it's best to leave it somewhere in the shade to protect it from the heat and the sun.

After each use, rinse your kayak with cold water to protect it from salt and sand.

Want to know more? Read our guide on how to make it last 👇

inflatable kayak maintenance
Storing your canoe or kayak

Not going to be using your canoe/kayak for a few days? It’s best to store it in a dry and ventilated place.

Do not store your canoe/kayak inflated as it will eventually deflate. The best way to store it over winter is to dry it thoroughly and pack it away in its bag.

Ordering compatible spare parts

Select your model to find spare parts that will fit.

Need a helping hand?

Our technicians, available in our repair workshops, can diagnose and repair your canoe or kayak!

Take it to your nearest store to have it sent to the regional workshop for diagnosis and repair.

ALLROUND INFLATABLE STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD X100: user guide, repairs, spare parts

Thinking of getting a new paddle board?

With our second-life service, DECATHLON will buy back your old board. A good reason not to throw it away and a way to finance your next sports purchase!

Technical features of your kayak

Are you looking for detailed information about your kayak?

  • ALLROUND INFLATABLE STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD X100: user guide, repairs, spare parts

    Kayak x500
    1 person

    Length:  380 cm
    Width: 64 cm
    94 x 14 x 27 cm
    WEIGHT: 18 kg.
    Max. load: 125 kg

  • technical features of your stand-up paddle board

    Kayak x500
    2 person

    Length:  528 cm
    Width: 70 cm
    100 x 45 x 38 cm
    WEIGHT: 30 kg.
    Max. load: 210 kg

Compatible accessories