MODULAR INFLATABLE WATER POLO COURT 20 M X 10 M: instructions, repairs

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Designed for intermediate players or teams looking for a light, compact and rigid goal for playing water polo.
The inflatable, light and rigid goal 550 is easily storable and transportable for play in a swimming pool, lake or the sea. Its rigidity is reinforced with hoops.

The goal is 250 cm wide, 80 cm high and 92 cm deep.
The water polo goal has the official dimensions of Beach water polo. The structure is reinforced with extra hoops to prevent it from buckling under the impact of shots from adult players.
It allows you to play water polo on any body of water: pool, lake or sea.
The goalposts are circular with a 12 cm diameter.



The goal must be inflated with a pump to a pressure of 7 PSI (0.48 bar) using the "boston" type valve located on the goal. We recommend using a 5.2 l pump sold at DECATHLON (reference 8243066 or 8387583).
Never exceed this pressure when inflating to avoid damaging the product. Excessive pressure in the first few seconds may indicate that the product is not unfolding properly.


The goal is secured either with ropes or with an innovative weight system. To ensure effective ballasting, fill the bags with sand or stones up to the limit to get an approximate weight of 15 kg. Each bag is then inflated to swim to the court. This allows for easier set-up around the court. When the weights are in place, deflate them to let them sink to the bottom.

MODULAR INFLATABLE WATER POLO COURT 20 M X 10 M: instructions, repairs
MODULAR INFLATABLE WATER POLO COURT 20 M X 10 M: instructions, repairs


Fully unscrew the top cap of the valve then partially unscrew the bottom of the valve and allow air to escape for about 1 minute.

CAUTION: you will hear a very loud noise if you unscrew the bottom of the valve too quickly

MODULAR INFLATABLE WATER POLO COURT 20 M X 10 M: instructions, repairs


Rinse the product in clean water after each use to eliminate any dirt.
Dry it before storing it away in its case or any enclosed space.


Our product has been designed so that it can be repaired by the customer. If you notice a leak, simply open the 2 zips and remove the bladder to locate the leak.

A repair kit (patch + spare valve + rope) is provided.
A video instruction manual explains how to remove the "bladders" from their protective sleeves in order to apply the patch to repair the goal.


Need a replacement part for your court?
Contact us at the following address: [email protected]

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