RUN100E-version A

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Model year: July 2022

The INITIAL RUN combines connectivity, sleek design and compact folding.

Assembling and setting up

Thank you for purchasing a Domyos product. To help you get your equipment up and running, click on the video to see the different set-up steps.


Setting up and using your product

Thank you for purchasing a Domyos product. We've gathered together some handy tips to help you when you first set up and use your machine. 

How to start your product

1. Plug in the power cord.

2. Flip the switch near the power cord to "I".

3. Stand on the treadmill's footrests.

4. Clip the safety key to your clothing.

5. Insert the safety key into the slot on the console.

6. Your screen will light up and display GO.

7. Your treadmill is ready to use!

Directions for use

1. If you are a beginner, start by training for several days at a low speed, without overexerting yourself, and taking rest periods if necessary. Gradually increase the number or duration of your workouts. During your workout, be sure to ventilate the room where your treadmill is located.

2. Cooling down: After each workout, walk a few minutes at a low speed to gradually bring the body to rest. This cool-down phase helps bring your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, blood flow and muscles back down to normal. This helps deal with unwanted side effects such as lactic acid build-up, which is one of the major causes of muscle pain (cramps and aches).

3. Don't forget to stretch. We advise you to stretch after each session to relax your muscles and promote your recovery.


Are you still having issues with your equipment even though it's properly set up? You can find all our FAQs here.

How can you see the total distance and time run on the treadmill?

You can see how far you have run and how many hours of running you have done since first starting your treadmill.

This can be done as follows:
1. With the safety key removed, press and hold the "STOP" and "+" buttons for three seconds.
2. Press the "play/pause" button to scroll through the information.
3. Press "STOP" to exit the menu.

How do you activate/deactivate the console's beep?

When you press a button on the console, a beep notifies you that your action has been taken into account. You can deactivate this beep:

1. Insert the safety key to go to the console's "0000" home screen.
2. Press the "+" button to turn the "beep" sound on / Press the "-" to turn the "beep" sound off.
3. To exit, wait for three seconds until the display returns to GO.

How to pair your remote control

1- Insert the safety key. 
2- Hold down the "+" and "-" buttons on the remote control simultaneously for 5 seconds.


What is the "usb" port for?

The "USB Charging" port is for plugging in and charging your smartphone only. It's not an MP3 system.

Your treadmill doesn't switch on

1. Check that the power cord is plugged into a working mains socket (to check if the wall socket is working, plug in a lamp or other electrical device).

2. Check that the other end of the power cord is connected to your treadmill.

3. Check that the main switch near the power cord is set to I and the light is on.

If not, check the switch's fuse. (See the "REPAIRING YOUR PRODUCT" section on changing a fuse).


4. Check that the safety key is pushed fully into the console.

Your treadmill is making a noise

1. Shoes:
=> The noise you hear could be the sound of your shoes on the running belt. To check that the noise isn't coming from your shoes, please see the video below

2. The screws are loose:
=> Tighten all of the screws.

3. The running belt is wonky:
=> Select the "Centring the running belt" tab in the SERVICING YOUR PRODUCT section.

4. The running belt is not lubricated:

The treadmill slows down when you step onto it

The running belt is slack

=> Select the "running belt tension" tab in the MAINTENANCE section.

The treadmill switches off during use

1. If your treadmill is plugged into an extension cable, unplug it and plug it directly into a wall socket.

2. The problem could be caused by the power cord. In this case, please see the FAQ on "YOUR TREADMILL IS NOT SWITCHING ON"

Having trouble with your heart rate monitor belt?

Please note: the INITIAL RUN does not come with a heart rate monitor!
You can buy the compatible BLE Bluetooth heart rate monitor (product ref: 8334795) from our website or your local Decathlon store.

App problem

Is your equipment working properly but you're having a problem with the application? Click the "MY APP" button for troubleshooting tips.

The words "service" appear on the screen

Every 200 km, the word "service" flashes up on the "GO" home screen. This message reminds you that your equipment is due for servicing.

We suggest using a lubricant on the running deck.

Use the following lubricant only: ref. 8326425 from our website or your local Decathlon store.

To remove the message:
When the safety key is plugged in and the service message appears, hold the "STOP" button and the speed "+" button for three seconds.

Parts diagram

RUN100E version A

Servicing your product

It takes care of you, so you should do the same for it. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.

Maintenance after each use

1. Turn off and unplug your treadmill.

2. Apply a little gentle cleaning product to a pure cotton cloth.
Do not spray cleaning product directly onto your treadmill and do not use ammonia- or acid-based cleaning products.

3. Wipe down the console and screens.

4. Wipe any dust and marks from the handrails, footrests, frame and motor cover.
You should also wipe the platform alongside the belt.

Regular maintenance or "service" message

Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the performance of your equipment and extend its service life.
This action is recommended when the message "SERVICE" appears on your console.

1. Lubricate the deck after 200 kilometres of use.

2. Unplug the power cord and open the motor cover to gently vacuum the interior.
Please see the section on: "REPAIRING YOUR PRODUCT" to remove the motor cover.

3. Inspect and correctly tighten all the external parts of the treadmill.
You can refer to the assembly video or the product manual.

RUN100E version A

Storage tips

Do not leave in a damp place, do not store outside and do not store in a conservatory in full sun. 

Place a suitable mat (such as the Domyos Training Mat) underneath your treadmill.

Use restrictions

For home use only.

Maximum user weight: 100kg.

Centring the running belt

You will need the Allen key (BTR) that came with your treadmill:  
1. Switch on your treadmill and set it at a low speed (4 km/h).  
2. Insert the key into the bolt on the side where the running belt is off-centre.  
3. Turn it a quarter turn clockwise (wait 30 seconds between each quarter turn) until the belt is back in the correct position.

How to check if your running belt has the proper tension

The tension on the RUN100E's running belt should be set to 1.09 (+/- 0.03). This is the motor belt tension.

After checking the tension on the console:
If the figure is too low, you need to tighten the running belt. (Tightening is done by turning the back roller's two screws clockwise).

If the figure is too high, you need to loosen the running belt. (Loosening is done by turning the back roller's two screws anti-clockwise).

A half turn = 0.03

To adjust it: select the "Running belt tension" tab in the MAINTENANCE section.

How to check the tension on the console:
1. Stand on the footrests.
2. With the safety key removed, press and hold the "START" and "STOP" buttons for three seconds.
3. The console will display the word "start". Press the "START" button and insert the safety key.
4. The treadmill will start at 5 km/h and display the running belt tension. (Make any adjustments necessary).
IMPORTANT: The voltage may not be displayed automatically, so you should press 3 times on one of the programme buttons (Calorie Burn, Endurance, Training) on the console so that the voltage appears.
5. Press the "STOP" button.


Running deck lubrication

To extend the lifespan of your treadmill, you should lubricate it every 200 km of use.

Please use Domyos lubricant only (Ref: 8326425). You can order it from your Decathlon store or from our website by clicking the "DOMYOS LUBRICANT" button below.

1 & 2. Simply spray twice underneath the running belt on the right and on the left.
3. Then set your treadmill off at 5 km/h for 5 minutes, without standing on it.

RUN100E version A

Preventative maintenance

1. Check the motor and the drive belt every 600 hours of use or every 3,600 km*
2. Replace the running belt every 500 hours of use or every 3,000 km*
3. Replace the running deck every 700 hours of use or every 4,200 km*
4. Replace the rollers every 600 hours of use or every 3,600 km*

*To find out the number of hours of use or the total distance run, go to the FAQ and read " HOW TO FIND OUT THE DISTANCE RUN AND HOURS OF USE ON YOUR TREADMILL" in the SETTING UP AND USING YOUR PRODUCT section

RUN100E version A

Getting your treadmill serviced and repaired by a technician

Discover the options* available for servicing and repairing your treadmill.

*Our rates include labour only (parts not included) and may vary depending on the store.
If the store does not provide services on site, the products are sent to the nearest Regional Workshop, which could lead to an additional charge. Please contact your Decathlon store for a quote. 

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  • RUN100E version A

    Initial run user guide

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RUN100E version A

Our commitments

Domyos guarantees this product under normal conditions of use for five years for the frame and two years for other parts and labour from the date of purchase shown on the receipt.