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Our team of combat sports fans have created this punching bag for boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing beginners looking to practise their kicks and punches.

Want your child to learn to box or just burn off some energy?Check out this free-standing, inflatable punching bag that is easy to use, move, and store.
Pump sold separately.


  • Hexagonal 240 trampoline

    Easy to assemble

    Quick fill with a pump (not provided) and five seconds to deflate.

  • Hexagonal 240 trampoline rust


    Once inflated, the bag rebounds sufficiently for risk-free punching.

Setting up your Junior Boxing Inflatable Punching Bag 100

Follow our step-by-step guide!

Adult Boxing Inflatable Punching Bag Outshock 100


Inflatable Punching Bag 100
Inflatable Punching Bag 100 AD

Quick fill

To ensure it rebounds correctly, the product should be soft to the touch and easy to compress with your hands. There is no need to "overinflate" it.
Do not use a compressor pump to blow up the punching bag as you will run the risk of overinflating it and breaking the membrane.

Inflatable Punching Bag 100 AD

Comfortable striking

Use hand wraps, mittens or boxing gloves. Without protection, you run the risk of hurting yourself (burns and hand injuries).
For more information, please refer to the instructions.

Inflatable Punching Bag 100


You can keep your punching bag indoors or out, but to maintain pressure we recommend you keep it inside (to prevent changes in temperature).
For home use only.

Got a problem? We have the solution!

You're having problems blowing up your inflatable punching bag 100 AD

Use a suitable foot or hand pump, such as a camping or air bed pump.

The punching bag cannot be blown up without a pump.
Do not use bicycle pumps with this product.
Do not use compressor pumps with this product.

Please follow the recommendations for blowing up your punching bag.
The bag should be soft at all times. Do not overinflate.

Your boxing punching bag loses air very quickly

Check that your punching bag doesn't have a puncture.

Check that the valve is closed.
NB: The punching bag should be soft when used.
Do not overinflate.

Your plug is damaged. Find one here:

Your boxing punching bag loses air slowly

After setting up the product and before each use, check that the bag is properly inflated.
The pressure of your punching bag may vary depending on where you store it and the temperature variations.

Check that the valve is tight enough and that the bag does not have a puncture.
Reinflate it if necessary.

If you have any problems, replacement bags are available through the after-sales service.

Your punching bag is not very stable

Weigh the punching bag down with the recommended ballast.
28 litres of water,
or up to 38kg of sand.

Decathlon does not sell sand. You'll find some at your nearest DIY store.

Position your punching bag on flat ground.

Your punching bag moves around when you use it.

You've weighed your punching bag around but it still moves?
Have you fixed the elastic ties correctly?
Check out the set-up video or the instructions.

Does your punching bag make a noise when you use it?

Your inflatable punching bag sits on pads that absorb vibrations and make it more stable.

For increased comfort you can also position it on top of gym mats.

Got a problem? We have the solution!

1. Please check inside the box.

2. If there is a missing part, please go to your nearest store.

3. Or click the request assistance tab.

Inflatable punching bag

If you have a problem while using your equipment, carefully read the instructions and our checklist above.


Available soon: 

  • Inflatable punching bag 100 - elastic ties
  • Inflatable punching bag 100 - base

Find your spare parts with a minimum of fuss:

Inflatable punching bag

Our video tutorials for repairing your inflatable punching bag

Inflatable punching bag base plug
Changing the base plug 1. Remove the old plug.
2. Clean the base.
3. Fit the new plug.
Changing the valve 1. Unscrew the valve.
2. Let the air out of the bag.
3. Fit the new valve, taking care not to damage the threads.
4. Blow up your bag.
5. Screw on the valve cap.
Repairing your inflatable punching bag yourself
Changing the inflatable bag 1. Deflate your bag.
2. Remove the elastic ties one by one.
3. Put your new bag in position.
4. Fit the elastic ties one by one.
5. Reinflate your bag to the correct pressure.
Repairing your inflatable punching bag yourself
Changing the elastic ties 1. Deflate your bag.
2. Remove the rip-tab fastener from the elastic tie.
3. Remove the elastic tie from the base and the bag.
4. Fit your new elastic tie.
5. Repeat if necessary.
6. Inflate your bag to the correct pressure.
Inflatable punching bag base
Changing the base 1. Deflate your bag.
2. Remove the elastic ties.
3. Fit your new base. 
4. Watch the set-up video to see how to fit the elastic ties.
5. Blow up your bag.
6. Empty the old base before disposing of it for recycling.
Inflatable punching bag
Changing the pads 1. Deflate your bag.
2. Turn the base over and empty it if necessary. 
3. Remove the damaged caps from their housings.
4. Fit your new caps, making sure they are properly pushed in.
5. Turn the base back over and add ballast if necessary.
6. Reinflate your bag.

Good to know


Base: 100% Polyethylene 
Pouch: 70% PVC/30% polyester
Additional parts: 100% thermoplastic elastomer

Weight and dimensions

This inflatable punching bag is 1.20m high.
The plastic base is 56cm in diameter and 15cm high.
Box dimensions: 59cm x 59cm x 17cm

Inflatable Punching Bag 100

Exploded diagram & instructions

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Inflatable Punching Bag 100


Outshock guarantees your inflatable punching bag for two years, effective from the date of purchase, proof of which is provided by your receipt.*

*Details below

Inflatable punching bag


Outshock guarantees this product and any spare parts and labour for two years.

Outshock guarantees this product, under normal conditions of use, and any spare parts and labour for two years, effective from the date of purchase, proof of which is provided by your receipt.
OUTSHOCK's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the product (if beyond repair), at OUTSHOCK's discretion.
This warranty does not apply in the case of:
        * Damage caused during transport.
        * Incorrect assembly.
        * Repairs carried out by personnel who have not been approved by OUTSHOCK.
        * Lack of maintenance.
        * Improper or abnormal use.
        * Storage outside or in a damp place.
        * Damage caused by a third party.
        * Use other than private use.
This commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranty applicable in the country of purchase.