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First use

1.1. How should i position the watch on my wrist?

Your Kalenji HR500 has a heart-rate monitor with an optical sensor to help you find your pace when jogging.

To guarantee accurate measurement of your heart rate:


- wear the watch with the dial above your wrist

- the watch must be positioned after the bone, in contact with the skin

- adjust the bracelet so that it fits snugly but does not cause discomfort


The watch must not twist or move on your wrist.

How to use the optical sensor.
1.2. Start your watch

When the watch is off, press for a long time on the START button at the top right. The watch starts. If it does not start, (nothing shows on the screen), place it on the charger.

1.3. How to change the display while running

Once the stopwatch has started, you can change the display using the buttons located at the bottom right and bottom left of the watch (indicated by arrows on the dial).


3 available displays:


Display 1: Stopwatch

Display 2:Heart rate and effort zone

Display 3: Calories burned

Display 4: Time

1.4. How are my effort zones calculated?

Your effort zones (warm-up, comfort, endurance, resistance and intense resistance) are calculated automatically depending on your maximum heart rate (MHR).


Your maximum heart rate is estimated according to your age and your gender.The default resting heart rate is 70 bpm. 


Warm-up: under 60% of your MHR.

Comfort (also called fundamental endurance):60 to 70% of your MHR.

Endurance: 70 to 80% of your MHR.

Resistance: 80 to 90% of your MHR.

Intense resistance: 90 to 100% of your MHR.


The zones are shown at the bottom of your watch display, indicating one of the 5 zones listed above.

1.5. How to modify my maximum or rest heart rate

You can enter your maximum heart rate from the “Settings” menu, then choosing “User”. Confirm the suggested settings until you reach “max HR” or “rest HR”.

1.6. How to programme a manual zone

You can programme a manual cardiac zone for your jogging. The watch will make a sound when you leave your zone.

In order to do so, go into the watch settings, then the Activity menu, then Zones. Select MANUAL, then the minimum and maximum value of your zone.

To return to automatic effort zones (warm-up, comfort, endurance etc.) select OFF.

To return to automatic effort zones (warm-up, comfort, endurance etc.) select AUTO.

1.7. Switching off your watch

Switch off your watch the same way you switched it on: press for a long time on the START button at the top right. The display closes. The watch consumes very little energy in this mode. 

We recommend leaving it in this mode if you store your watch for several months. To prevent damage to the battery, make sure the battery is charged when in this mode and charge it regularly. 


Bluetooth connection

2.1. Connecting your watch to decathlon coach

1. Download and open Decathlon Coach on your phone2. Go to settings3. Go to products4. Choose Kalenji HR5005. Connect ma watch - start detection: on the watch, from the main menu, press on the "START" button at the top right. The Bluetooth logo at the top of the screen starts to flash. 6. Select your watch 

When the watch is paired with the application, the Bluetooth logo stops flashing. The application then receives your heart rate


NOTE! Do not pair your watch from the telephone Bluetooth menu. Use the application to pair your watch.

2.2. Connect your watch to another running application

The Kalenji HR500 watch uses standard Bluetooth protocol to share your heart rate. It is compatible with all applications with Bluetooth protocol: Runtastic, Endomondo, etc. 

In the main menu, press "START" at the top right of your watch. The Bluetooth logo at the top of the screen starts to flash.Now search for “Kalenji HR500” in the settings of the running application you wish to use. 

The Bluetooth logo stops flashing when the watch is paired with the application. The application starts receiving your heart rate immediately. 


NOTE! Do not pair your watch from the telephone Bluetooth menu. Use the application to pair your watch.

2.3. How to check my watch is connected

The Bluetooth logo at the top of the screen shows if you are connected. 

If it is flashing, there is no application connected to the watch.

If it is not flashing, the application is connected to the watch. If your pplication is not showing your heart rate and the Bluetooth logo on the watch is not flashing, check your connection with the application: close all other applications and check that another application is not connected to another phone. 

2.4. Which functions are transmitted by bluetooth?

Only the heart rate is transmitted by Bluetooth to a running application,not the stopwatch, calories and on/off controls.

2.5. Can i control the application with my watch?

You cannot switch on, off or pause the application with the watch. Only your heart is transmitted to the running application. 

2.6. Why does my application lose the heart-rate signal?

The watch and the application must be close for the connection to work: maximum 10 metres without obstacles, 2-3 metres when there are obstacles between the watch and the application.

2.7. Stopping the bluetooth function on my watch.

You can stop the Bluetooth function on your watch if you no longer wish to use it. Go to "Settings" then “Activities” then “Bluetooth”. Select “OFF”.



3.1. Is the kalenji hr500 optical heart-rate monitor suitable for all sports?

The technology used in the Kalenji HR500 heart-rate monitor is ideal for sports with repeated movements such as running, walking or exercising on a cross trainer.

Vibrations may cause errors. When cycling on the road or a particularly rough trail, you may notice fluctuations in your heart rate figure.

Errors may be observed when using the heart-rate monitor for sports with unsynchronised movement such as fitness classes, body-building, racket and team sports.

Reliable heart-rate measures are also not possible for water sports. It is not recommended to use the heart-rate monitor in the water, for swimming for example. The watch, however is waterproof to 5 ATM for swimming.

3.2. Does the kalenji hr500 optical heart-rate monitor work on all skin types?

The Kalenji HR500 optical sensor technology is designed for all skin colours and degrees of hair cover. On dark or tattooed skin, there is less light reflected by the skin. The sensor thus adapts, by increasing the light or adjusting the light sensitivity of the sensor. However, if you still have problems, contact our team using the button at the bottom of this page.

3.3. Why is my heart rate incorrect?

We tested the latest optical technologies to provide you with the most reliable solution. Some factors can, however, reduce the reliability of the heart-rate measure: YOUR WATCH IS IN THE WRONG POSITION: Your must wear your watch in a comfortable position above your wrist bone. If the strap is too loose, the watch will be unable to correctly measure the signal. See the section: "How to position the watch on my wrist.”


THE SENSOR IS DIRTY: If the back of your watch is dirty (soil, sun cream etc.), this may affect the sensor. Your HR500 watch is waterproof. You can clean it by rinsing it in clean water.


YOU PRACTISE A NON-REPETITIVE SPORT: Measuring your heart rate with a monitor on the wrist (optical reader) is optimal for sports with repetitive movements such as running, or using a cross trainer or exercise bike. It is not recommended to use a heart-rate belt for fitness class, body-building, etc.


THE WEATHER IS VERY COLD:Blood vessels reduce in size when the weather is cold, making reading the heart rate more difficult.Blood circulation improves as you work out, improving your heart-rate measure.


INTERVAL TRAINING:The watch is not very close to the heart so the blood will take some time to flow to your wrist. For interval training, there will be a delay in the time it takes to measure the signal. For very short minute-long intervals, it will be difficult for the watch to measure the maximum heart-rate.


TATTOOS: If you have tattoos on the area where the watch is located, you may notice errors in your heart rate measurement.



USING IN WATER:The heart-rate monitor does not function correctly in water.


OTHER REASONS: The blood vessels in your right and left arm may be different. If the results on one arm are not optimal, try the other arm.



4.1. How do i charge my kalenji hr500 watch?

Connect your Kalenji HR500 watch with the cable provided to your computer, a power bank or a 5V 1A mains adapter.

4.2. I have lost or broken my charging cable or bracelet. where can i get a new one?

If you have lost or broken your cable or bracelet, contact our technical team using the button "Contact Form" at the bottom of the page.


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I maintain my watch

- Cleaning the watch :
In order to keep your watch glass clean, it is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth.
In order to optimize the performance of the heart sensor, it is also advisable to clean it regularly with a damp cloth.

You can also clean the charging connector with a dry toothbrush.

- Reloading the watch :

You can charge your watch using the USB cable that came with your watch on a computer or any USB power outlet.



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I repair my watch

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