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1. Introduction

We designed the KALENJI MP3 player to offer you a simple and light solution to listen your favorite songs. Here is the information you will need to get the most out of your player.


2. Use

Which sd card is compatible with my mp3 player?

Your MP3 player is compatible with micro-SD cards ranging from 4GB to 64GB.

How to load my music on my mp3 player?

Your MP3 player works like a USB memory stick on which you put your music files. As a reminder, your MP3 player is compatible with MP3, WAV and WMA sound formats only.

You have the choice between 2 methods to load your music on the SD card of your MP3 player:


First method:

1- Connect your MP3 player to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the MP3 player. The “Removable Disk” line appears in the “File Explorer” window

2- Transfer your music directly to the “Removable Disk”, either in the full folders containing your music files, or by selecting your music files directly.

3- Once finished, don’t forget to “eject” the removable disk (Right click on “Removable Disk” → Eject). You can then unplug your MP3 player, it's ready to use and your music is loaded.


Second method:

1- You can also choose to remove the micro-SD card from your MP3 player and use a micro-SD card adapter that you insert directly into your computer's SD card reader (if it has one).

2- Proceed in the same way as before to transfer your music to the “Removable disk”

3- Once the transfer is complete, replace the microSD card in your MP3 player, it is ready to use and your music is loaded.

You find the sound is not loud enough! here's how to proceed:

In order to comply with the CE standards, the MP3 player output a maximum sound volume recommended by legislation.


If however you wish to increase the volume above this threshold, here is the manipulation to be carried out:

When playing a music file:

-Mount the sound to the maximum until you hear 3 BEEP (recommended limit)

-Then turn up the sound again.

Kalenji MP3

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