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Perfect for learning to balance on two wheels. Our balance bike is designed for children aged 2 to 4 (85 cm to 100 cm tall).


Does your child want to ride like the big kids? Our lightweight and durable balance bike will let your little one ride off on new adventures. They can learn to push off and balance at their own pace.


How to assemble the balance bike

When you order the balance bike online, it will be delivered in several pieces that need to be assembled. But don't worry - we're here to make the process painless!   First, you'll see the different parts in the box: the saddle is one separate piece, and there is a tool attached to the rear wheel. The handlebars are in one bag, and the front wheel and fork are in a second bag.  Note that the handlebars are attached to the frame with the brake cable (handle carefully).   STEP 1: take the front wheel and remove the clamp from the fork. Insert the fork into the frame. Place the handlebar clamp in the fork. Insert the handlebars directly in the fork (there is a marker on the vertical tube of the handlebars).   STEP 2: Place the two wheels of the balance bike on the ground or a flat surface (eg a table). Place the handlebar clamp against the steering ring.   STEP 3: Tightening. Using the tool attached to the rear wheel (a 13 mm spanner), tighten the handlebar clamp. The clamp should be tight enough to hold the handlebars in place. You shouldn't have to force it (overly tightening could cause the parts to warp).   STEP 4: Insert the saddle into the frame. You can then tighten the seat clamp collar (take note of the minimum insertion marker).   And that's it! The balance bike is ready to roll! Be sure to adjust the seat and handlebar height to your child's size before their first ride. We also suggest checking the brake tension.


First use: check the height settings

How to adjust the saddle and handlebar height

Adjusting the saddle height is essential for your child to ride confidently.  

When starting out, they should be able to touch the ground with their feet flat on the ground with the knees slightly bent.

When they look like they are comfortable pushing off and picking up speed, you can adjust the saddle so that their feet are flat on the ground with their legs completely straight.

When adjusting the handlebars, you can lower them to the mark below the letter "S" of the word STOP on the handlebar tube.

Kids grow fast, so remember to regularly check that the saddle and handlebars are at the right height.


Maintaining a kids' balance bike

How to store a balance bike

We recommend storing the balance bike in a dry place.  It's important to ensure it is kept dry.

How to clean the balance bike handles

Simply wipe with a damp cloth with soap or washing up liquid, then wipe with a dry cloth!

How to wash the balance bike

If you notice that the balance bike is dirty after a few rides (mud, rain, dust, etc.), give it a clean.


If it's just dust, it's simple: use a dry cloth to clean it. If there's more persistent mud or other dirt, you can clean it with a bucket of hot water and a sponge (or a wet cloth) with soap or bike shampoo. You can then clean the dirty parts of the bike (frame, fork, handlebar, wheel).


DID YOU KNOW? Avoid spraying your balance bike with the hose: some components won't like it!


When you've finished, all you need to do is wipe it down with a dry cloth to prevent rust.Take the opportunity to check the tightness of the clamps and wheels: are they tight enough? If not, tighten them with a spanner.

I have a problem

I need to change a wheel on a b'twin balance bike. how do you do this?

To make sure our products can be easily and quickly repaired, we sell balance bike replacement wheels! You can order them by contacting a local Decathlon workshop at the nearest store.

(Balance bike wheels can't be ordered online yet, but our team is working on it as fast as possible!)

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