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Want to head off on an all-terrain adventure? Our 900 balance bike, equipped with real 12" tyres, has been designed for children aged 3 to 4.5 years (90 to 105cm).


Want to ride over all types of terrain like the big kids? Light and robust, equipped with our exclusive brake and real 12" tyres, our balance bike will go anywhere and everywhere with your child on their adventures.


How to assemble the runride 900

So you've ordered the balance bike and it's just arrived at your home. As you unpack it, you see that the balance bike is in several pieces. 

Assembly needed! But don't worry, we'll guide you, step by step.


First, you'll see the following in the box: the saddle and the handlebar in the same bag, and you'll also find a tool attached to the support at the end of the fork and the two wheels.

Please note, the handlebar is attached to the frame by a brake cable (handle with care).


1ST STEP: install the handlebar

Install the handlebar and tighten the screw using the included tool (there is an indicator mark on the vertical handlebar tube showing the minimum insertion).


2ND STEP: installing the front wheel.

Insert the front wheel into the fork and position the safety hub. You can then tighten the wheel axle using the quick-release fastening system: turn the lever then fold it back to tighten the wheel to the fork. Caution: remember to position the lever to the front of the fork. 


3RD STEP:  install the rear wheel

First, remove the brake cable housing from the left calliper to install the rear wheel onto the frame. 

Ensure the safety hub is correctly positioned. You can then tighten the wheel axle using the quick-release fastening system: turn the lever then fold it back to fasten the wheel to the fork. Caution: remember to position the lever facing upwards.

Remember to reconnect the housing to the brake calliper.


4TH STEP: insert the saddle into the frame. You can then tighten the seat clamp collar using the quick-release system (making sure to follow the minimum insertion noted on the seat post). 


The 900 balance bike is now ready! Remember to correctly adjust the saddle and handlebar height to fit the size of the child who will be using the bike before their first outing. We also recommend checking the brakes before first use.


First use: check the configuration

What pressure to inflate the tyres to on the 900 balance bike?

The recommended pressure is always written on the side of each tyre. We recommend inflating the tyres to the pressure shown on the tyre sidewall. This may vary between tyres. 

To check if the tyre is inflated enough, simply squeeze it between your fingers: It should be firm while still yielding a bit when pressed.

How to check the brakes are correctly adjusted

Step 1: Roll the balance bike forwards by the handlebar. Press the brake lever. The rear wheel should stop moving following this action. 

If you notice it's not working correctly, please try the following: There is an adjustment wheel in front of each brake lever. You'll see a "+" and a "-" above it. If you turn the wheel clockwise (towards the "+"), that will tighten the brake (= more powerful braking). If you turn the wheel anticlockwise (towards the "-"), that will loosen the brake (= less powerful braking).


It's important check the brakes on a regular basis.


How to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar before the first ride

A well-adjusted saddle is essential for helping your child have the position that allows them to learn with complete confidence.  

When they start, it's important that their feet can be flat on the ground when they sit on the saddle.

The saddle and handlebar can be easily adjusted using the quick-release system on the 900 balance bike.

When they feel comfortable with propelling the bike and begin to pick up speed, you can adjust the saddle so that just their forefoot is in contact with the ground.

When adjusting the handlebar, it can be lowered as far as the line underneath the letter "S" of the "STOP" that appears on the handlebar tube. 


Children grow quickly, so remember to regularly check that the saddle and handlebar are always at the right height.


Maintaining a kids' balance bike

Cleaning the balance bike handles 

Wash using a wet cloth with soap or washing up liquid, then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

Washing the balance bike

If you notice that the balance bike is dirty after a few rides (mud, rain, dust, etc.), give it a clean.


If there's dust, it's simple: just use a dry cloth to clean it. If there's more persistent mud or other dirt, you can clean it using a bucket of hot water and a sponge (or a wet cloth) with soap or bike shampoo. You can then clean the dirty parts of the bike (frame, fork, handlebar, wheel).


DID YOU KNOW?  Try not to use a hose on your balance bike: some components won't take it well!


When you've finished, simply wipe it dry with a dry cloth to prevent rust.Also take the opportunity to check the tightness of the clamps and wheels: are they tight enough? If not, simply tighten them using a spanner.

Storing the balance bike

We recommend storing the balance bike in a dry place and ensuring it stays dry.

I've got a problem

Changing the 12" inner tube

To change the inner tube, remove the 12" wheel using the quick-release system and releasing the safety hub. 

For the rear wheel, remember to also disconnect the brake cable housing from the calliper. When the tyre has been removed from the rim, you can replace or repair the 12" inner tube. 

Note: the video is an instruction video, please ensure you are using the correct 12" inner tube for the 900 balance bike.

changing the wheel

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