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We have designed this junior road bike for kids who want to start road biking. To learn road biking, we equipped this road bike with an aluminium frame, large wheels, a double braking control, and a handlebar adapted to the width of kids' shoulders. 

First use

Adjusting the height of the saddle before your first ride

It's important to adjust the height of the seat tube and the handlebar to fit your child's height. The mark indicating the minimum insertion point of the seat tube, or the handlebar, into the frame, should never be visible for safety reasons (make sure that neither the seat post nor the handlebar extend past this minimum insertion level). To determine the correct seat height: sit your child on the bike with one heel resting on the pedal with the crank turned so that the pedal is at its lowest position. The seat height is correct when the child's leg is extended while in this position. Also while seated, check that the child can touch the ground with their toes

How to check that the brake pads are correctly adjusted 

Cantilever braking system. To test your brakes, roll the kids' road bike by pulling on the handlebar. Activate the right lever for the rear brake or the left for the front brake. The wheels should stop moving when the respective lever is pulled. The brake pads should not rub against the sides of the rim when the brakes are not engaged. It's important to regularly check that the brake is correctly adjusted. If adjustments are needed, you can consult the video below for help or visit a Decathlon workshop.

What pressure should kids' bike tyres inflate to? 

The recommended pressure is always indicated on the tyre sidewall. We recommend inflating your tyres to the pressure indicated on each tyre. This may vary based on the type of tyre.  Tyre pressure should be particularly monitored on road bikes. Tyre traction is particularly important when turning.  

Compatible accessories

1. Pannier rack 
Installing a pannier rack
2. The stand
Fitting the stand


3. Bottle cage 
4. Bottle

Maintaining a kids' road bike

Maintaining a kids' road bike

After purchasing your 26" road bike, you have a free safety and maintenance service within 6 months of purchase. Regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your bike working efficiently for as long as possible, so we've put together some maintenance tips to help you. Just click on the blue button (below).


Changing the brake pads

V-Brake pads are available as spare parts. To change them, simply follow the steps in the video. 

Changing the brake pads

How to check the condition of your tyres

You should always check the tyres before you take your bike out.  If they're flat, check to see if they have a puncture. To do this, blow them up as much as you can. If they go flat quickly, you will have to take the wheel off and then the tyre and change or repair the inner tube.  If they go flat slowly, check the surface of the tyre for the presence of sharp objects or shards of glass. You will then need to take the wheel off and then the tyre and change or repair the inner tube. Take care when removing the sharp object or shard of glass causing the puncture.    Even if they're not flat, we recommend you check the pressure of the tyres (see section above).    DID YOU KNOW? The useful life of rubber depends on how it is used and stored. If you can see cracks in the tyres, we advise you to replace them with new ones. 

How to store your bike

We recommend you keep your bike in a dry place.  You should check that it doesn't get damp. The lifespan of your child's bike depends on how it is used, maintained and stored. The more damp and saline (sea air) the conditions, the more the child's bike will be prone to corrosion and the shorter its useful life.   It's important, therefore, to keep it stored, clean and dry, in a place that is not damp.    DID YOU KNOW? You shouldn't hang up bikes with telescopic forks by the front wheel. Hang them up by the rear wheel. This will ensure your fork lasts longer. 

There is a problem

What to do if you have a puncture changing an inner tube

If you suffer a puncture, stop immediately in a safe place to prevent the rim from being damaged.  Turn the bike upside down and set it down on the ground on the saddle and handlebars. Release the brakes to allow the wheel to come out. Squeeze the V-brake callipers together and release the noodle.  For the front wheel, remove from the fork and then change the inner tube (see explanatory video).  For the rear wheel, position the derailleur on the smallest cog. Loosen the wheel and then change the inner tube (see explanatory video).    As a last resort, you can always use puncture repair spray though this won't work if the inner tube is torn. 

Changing an inner tube on a child's mountain bike.

The gears are not shifting smoothly. what should be done? 

If changing gears is a struggle, it's because the rear derailleur doesn't align properly with the cogs.    Check the cable and housings: If the housing ends are out of position they can obstruct the derailleur cable and stop the gears from changing. Simply slip them back into their housing. If the derailleur is not moving even after you have engaged and disengaged the grip shifter, it probably means that the cable and its housings have seized up. You will need to have the cable and housings replaced.   It's possible that the derailleur hanger has been bent or knocked out of shape. This makes it impossible to change gears. Our advice is to take the bike to the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store and have the hanger straightened.    It's also possible that the derailleur is not working properly. If that's the case, put the bike upside down on the saddle and handlebars and release the pedals (or preferably put it on a bike stand if you can). Activate the shifter/trigger (depending on your bike's configuration) to move the chain on to the smallest cog. The barrel adjuster is located to the rear of the derailleur. It is used to tighten and loosen the derailleur cable, respectively moving the derailleur up or down. Adjust the barrel until the gears shift correctly. 

Kids' Road Bike Triban 100 26"

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Kids' Road Bike Triban 100 26"

Our btwin commitments

BTWIN guarantees the frame, handlebar and stem of your road bike for life (in normal conditions of use).

The guarantee for other parts is two years.

As soon as your child starts using the bike, some components will move slightly. It's for that reason that we offer a free check of your road bike within 6 months of purchase.