Looking after and repairing your child's ski suit properly

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Have you just bought a ski suit for your child and want some advice on washing it, looking after it, or repairing it properly? Get all the information you need to help you keep your garment for longer.

Looking after and repairing your child's ski jacket properly

How to wash your child's ski suit properly

The winter season is over, and your child's ski suit deserves a cleaning...
We know how stressful it can be to put a ski suit in the washing machine.  Don't panic! You can clean it without damaging it so it retains its technical properties. Be careful not to clean your suit too often or you may damage it.

Looking after and repairing your child's ski suit properly

How to reactivate the waterproofing of the suit?

Over time, your child's ski suit may lose some of its technical properties.
Learn how to look after and re-waterproof their trousers so they don’t get soaked after a day's skiing because they’re wearing a garment that’s no longer waterproof. You will extend its life span and you can use it for longer.

Is there a problem with your child's ski suit?

The components used in our children's suit are chosen for their hard-wearing properties so they can withstand some of the obstacles you may encounter on the ski slopes: ski edges, branches, falls etc.
But despite this, mishaps can occur: a broken zip, a small tear, a ripped seam, hook and loop straps that don't fasten or a press stud that comes off.
That's nothing serious in itself!
And choosing to repair your garment instead of replacing it, means choosing to extend its lifespan and taking action to lessen your impact on the planet.

When it comes to repairing your suit, there are 2 possible scenarios:
1- You bought your suit less than 2 years ago:we'll repair it for you free of charge!
2 - You want to repair the tear yourself, irrespective of whether you bought it within the last two years or more than 2 years ago: Check out our DIY tips!

Looking after and repairing your child's ski suit properly


How does it work?

Throughout the 2-year warranty period, we undertake to repair your product free of charge. Whether it's a tear or a problem with a seam or zip...These services will be available in your local Decathlon store.

If, however, we can’t repair your product (unrepairable product defect), you can exchange it or get a refund.

Looking after and repairing your child's ski jacket properly


Did your child's ski suit rip because of a ski edge that was a little too sharp?
Don't think about sewing it up or applying an iron-on patch: making a hole will create an entry point for water and reduce its waterproof properties.

Your greatest ally: adhesive repair tape!
Cut a rectangle, with rounded corners, one or two centimetres larger than the size of the tear and stick it flat on to the fabric.