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Our designers have created this ultra-lightweight and compact product for everything from your first ventures into wingfoiling to the more advanced rides over waves or downwind.


Kitewing 6m²


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Usage specifications for the kite and the bag

The Wing 500 is a lightweight WING that’s easy to manoeuvre in waves, offering great flight performance. It has slender handles which offer excellent grip, secure finger positioning, and which avoid finger spasms with gloves. Rigid and powerful, it helps with planning take-offs. Its shape means it flies wonderfully, and you’ll forget about it as you navigate. We advise connecting your board and wing leashes to a belt or front harness.
Available in 3 m2/ 4 m2/ 5 m2/6 m2

Bag: We have completely redesigned this bag to meet your needs.
With its minimalist design, without zips or velcro, you’ll be able to store 1 or 2 wings, with a bag perfectly suited to the capacity you need, like a compression bag.
You can simply and securely attach your pump to the exterior
Its wide "canyon"" opening makes storage ultra-practical.
Internal pocket with instructions and repair kit
Weight: 600 grams


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