Maintaining and repairing a camping kitchen unit or camping table

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Do you have a leg rest for camping and have a question about its maintenance or repair?

We give you all the information you need to keep it for a long time!

First use

Which chairs and armchairs is my leg rest compatible with?

The leg rest is compatible with all our Quechua chairs and armchairs.

For optimum comfort when camping, we recommend combining it with a reclining camping chair.

Maintaining and repairing a multi-position camping chair

Maintenance of your leg rest


To wash your leg rest, the simpler the better: soap, brush, clean water. That’s it!

In any case, avoid machine washing.


Our leg rests, like our armchairs, have been designed for occasional outdoor use when camping, in the garden or in the countryside. Continuous exposure to UV light for several weeks can damage them. Leg rests do not fall into the category of "garden furniture" and are not designed to remain outdoors permanently.

To ensure that your leg rest lasts as long as possible, it is important to store it when not in use. Choose a clean, dry place and do not put any weight on it. It is best to store it folded.

Repairing your leg rest

Replace the canvas

To replace the fabric of your leg rest, simply follow the steps in the video below.
Be careful not to pinch your fingers. If your fabric is stretched properly, you have done everything right!

Repairing the fabric

Do you have a tear in the fabric of your chair? Has the fabric torn?

To repair it, we advise you to use a patch or an adhesive to fill the hole. It is best to apply it to the inside of the fabric for optimum adhesion.