Life jacket LJ150AIR N: user guide, repairs

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Life Jacket LJ150AIR N


Simplified user guide for your life jacket.

How to check your jacket before sailing

How to check your jacket before sailing
- CO₂ cartridge: check that it has not been pierced, that there are no signs of corrosion, and that it is firmly screwed in
- Trigger (black): firmly screwed in, has not expired, and with the green cap present
- Inflation mechanism (yellow): the green seal (green triangle) is present, indicating that the jacket has not been triggered.
- Jacket: Complete and with no signs of wear (tears, fraying), inflatable bladder stored away in its bag.

In addition, regularly (at least once a year):
- Inflate the life jacket using the mouthpiece and leave inflated for 24 hours: the pressure of the life jacket must not drop
- Check the expiry date of the trigger

How to re-arm your jacket

Follow this order of installation:

1) Remove the CO₂ cartridge and the salt bobbin
2) Replace the salt bobbin
3) Replace the CO₂ cartridge

If you do not follow this order of installation, you could strike the new cartridge if the trigger system for the salt bobbin has been previously used.

When to replace the gas cartridge and the trigger (salt bobbin)

Check the dates shown on the CO₂ cartridge and the salt bobbin. They each have a different meaning.

For the salt bobbin = Expiry date in the following format: 05 2025 (May 2025). It must be replaced on or before this date.
For the CO₂ cartridge = date of manufacture, in the format 05 2021 (manufactured in May 2021): The cartridge must be replaced within 5 years of this date.