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Item code 8526998, 8611230, 8611229, 8526944

This bike is designed for your day-to-day journeys around town and on roads.

If you're looking for a lightweight, easy city bike that is more comfortable for covering distance, or because your commute includes hills, then this bike is made for you.

First use

What to set up before your first ride

Before setting off on your first ride on your new bike, it's imperative that it is properly adjusted (if it was not already adjusted in the store).
Also check that the tyres are fully inflated (see below).
You'll need a 4/6 mm Allen key to do this.

You can also use this instructional video:

Long Distance City Bike 900 - High and Low Frame

How to adjust the height of your saddle before your first ride

Make sure you adjust the saddle height correctly before going out for your first ride.

Our advice is to raise the saddle to your hip height and fasten the seat clamp collar with a size 4/6 Allen key (found on all multi-tools).

If you want a more precise adjustment, you should be able to rest your foot on the pedal with your leg straight. You're ready to ride!

The right tyre pressure for your bike

The recommended ideal pressure is 5 bars.
For greater comfort, you can lower the pressure of your tyres to 4.5 bars.

Want more performance? Increase it to 5.5 bars.


Maintaining your bike

Every 15 days: inflate your tyres

See the section above for the recommended pressure for your tyres.
Remember to inflate your tyres every 2 weeks.

Every month: grease your chain and bike lock

If you store your bike outside at night, the chain and bike lock will rust more quickly. This is why it's important to clean and grease them regularly.

Lubricating your bike chain Turn it using the pedal and use a special chain oil over the entire length, moving through the gears.

Lubricating your bike lock Hold it straight and use oil inside the lock, insert the key, and turn it several times. Wipe off any excess grease with a paper towel.

An "all-in-one" product is perfect for this!

bike oil
Every 2 months: wash your bike

Except when it rains, riding in town won't get your bike as dirty as mountain biking through the woods, so you won't need to clean it as frequently.

Every two months, give your bike a major clean. Using bike shampoo and a bucket of hot water, wipe down the frame, handlebar, mudguard, etc.

It's best to avoid hosing it down as this could damage some of the components.

When done, dry your city bike with a dry cloth to stop it rusting. Use the opportunity to check that all the screws and bolts are nice and tight. Your bike can sometimes get jostled as you ride over uneven or cobbled streets. This can cause the bolts to loosen little by little.

As for greasing your chain, do this at the end after you've finished washing your bike.

Every 3 months: check the brakes

The brake pads are wear parts. 
Depending on how you ride, where you ride, and how much you weigh, your brakes will wear down slowly or quickly. This is why it's important to check them regularly and change them if necessary.

If your brake lever is too soft, the pads may be worn or you might need to bleed the oil. You can do this yourself or have it done at our workshop if needed.

Maintaining your hydraulic brakes

We recommend bleeding your hydraulic brakes once a year if the lever is too soft or if you've lost braking power. 
To do so, feel free to visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store.

Have a problem?

The lights don't work

If your lights aren't working, there may be several different reasons:

1 - Check that your lights are on. The switch is located behind the front light.

2 - If that doesn't work, contact our customer support or go to your nearest DECATHLON store.

Your gears are not shifting properly

If your gears aren't shifting properly, this may be due to several factors:

1- Have you taken your bike in for its first free in-store tune-up? When you purchase a bike at Decathlon, you get a free check-up during the first 6 months after your purchase. One of the checks included is whether the gears shift properly. Don't forget to use it!

2- Your drive train cable and/or housing is worn or old. You need to replace the cable and/or housing if they are damaged.

3- Your derailleur itself needs adjustment. Use the upper and lower stop screws to adjust the shifting, especially if your chain tends to skip the cogs in the back.

If these adjustments don't resolve the issue, visit your local Decathlon Workshop for a more in-depth diagnostic.

One of your tyres is flat

Inside the tyre there is an inner tube which holds the air.
When your tyre is flat, it's generally because the inner tube has a puncture.

It is essential to check that the object that caused the puncture is no longer in the tyre.
Be sure to visually inspect the tyre carefully and feel free to run a hand along the inside of the tyre to check that nothing that could puncture the inner tube is still poking through.
Remove the object if needed.

It's fairly easy to repair; just check out our video tutorial.

If needed, feel free to visit your nearest Decathlon workshop.


Spare parts

You can find spare parts for your LONG-DISTANCE BIKE 900 - HIGH AND LOW FRAME at our Decathlon workshops and on our website.