Looking after and repairing your snowboard

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Have you just bought a snowboard and want some advice on looking after, repairing it and/or storing it properly?
Find all the information you need to help keep your snowboard in good condition long-term.

Repairing your board

You've taken your board out several times but during a day riding off-piste, the inevitable happened...a damaged edge or topsheet, or worse still, a hole in the base! 😱 It can be scary but there's no need to panic; this type of incident occurs regularly and, fortunately, is easily repairable.

Our in-store workshops also offer repair services.
Note: not all our shops have workshops and so may be unable to repair the product locally. If this is the case, your product will be sent to a regional workshop which means it will take longer for you to get it back.

If, however, after making your purchase, you notice a manufacturing fault, please return it to us so we can either exchange it, repair it free of charge or reimburse you.

Looking after and repairing your snowboard

Looking after your board waxing and sharpening

When you purchase a snowboard in store or on-line, it comes waxed, sharpened and ready to ride.
However, repeated contact with snow removes the wax so it's important to apply another layer if you want to keep the base as long as possible. We recommend waxing your board after every 5 to 10 days of riding.
When it comes to sharpening, that depends on how blunt the edges are. Generally, it's a good idea to sharpen your snowboard edges before the start of the season.

Looking after and repairing your skis

Storing your board

Is the season over? It's time to store your equipment for next winter!
Learn the best practices to adopt to help maintain your equipment over the summer so it's as good as new and ready for the first snowfall of the season!